Ali said the national Taobao village to 211 electricity supplier annual turnover of ten million

Washington (reporter Intern Ma Jinghua Dong Bishui) held on Ali Institute in Zhejiang before the second Lishui China Taobao village forum released the "2014 Taobao Village Research Report". The report shows that as of December 2014, the country has been found to increase the number of Taobao 211, shop more than 7, more than 280 thousand direct employment.

Taobao village is mainly distributed in Fujian, Guangdong, Hebei and other 10 provinces and cities. Among them, Zhejiang 62, Guangdong, 28, Fujian, Hebei, the 25, the Jiangsu, the province has been found in the number of Taobao in the country accounted for more than 90% of the total number of.

, meanwhile, the Midwest’s first appearance in the village of Taobao, from Sichuan, two Taobao village, from Henan and Hubei, each of the 1 Taobao village, entered the Taobao village list.

is a network of Taobao village gathered in a village, with Taobao as the main trading platform, Taobao business ecosystem based on the formation of scale and synergy of Internet business cluster. The place of business in rural areas, to take administrative village as a unit, e-commerce transactions amounted to 10 million yuan or more, the active shop number reached more than 100, or the active shop number reached more than 10% of the local number of households.

Gao Hongbing, vice president of Alibaba

, Ali Institute president, said that regardless of the number of Taobao village, involving the total number of shops, the number of employees, Taobao village are entering the era of prosperity". From the initial 3 Taobao village, to the 2014 of the more than and 200, Taobao village has become a new force in China’s rural economic development can not be ignored.

Gao Hongbing believes that Taobao is mode of farmers’ entrepreneurship "high-quality natural soil", Taobao village as a new line of industry cluster competitive advantage in the market, the first Taobao village demonstration effect and ofreturned pull Taobao village number exploded from the original.

"just a few years, Taobao village from several to more than and 200, that on the one hand, the rural population in the rapid growth of the seller, on the other hand, also indicates that the future competition will be more intense between the individual sellers, between cluster and cluster competition will be more obvious." Hebei Hedong Qing Gao Zhuang network leader Liu Yuguo said.