Overseas purchasing high tax rate refers to the double-edged sword experts say it is necessary to lo

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left the airline stewardess Li Xiaohang for overseas purchasing cosmetics, was accused of evading the customs import duty more than 109 yuan, the first trial was sentenced to 11 years. The day before, the case of second instance court.

this case not only lead to the discussion of the purchase, the issue of import tax rates also attracted attention. Some netizens said Li Xiaohang smuggling 40 times will be able to evade tax 1 million 90 thousand yuan, enough to explain the high import tax rate. In this regard, some experts said that the reason why China’s purchasing industry is strong, the main reason is that the retail price of the domestic market is much higher than the international market, the import tax rate of some commodities do have the necessary adjustment.

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former stewardess overseas purchasing was sentenced to 11 years

day before the turnover of high-profile overseas purchasing airline stewardess Li Xiaohang case of second instance court. Li Xiaohang after leaving in 2008 with her boyfriend opened a cosmetics shop on Taobao. Prosecutors alleged that from August 2010 to August 2011, Li Xiaohang and her boyfriend went to Korea with cosmetics 46 times. No declaration channel carrying entry to take goods, not to the customs declaration, the customs import duty evasion totaling more than 113 yuan (later identified as 109 million yuan).

in July this year, Beijing second intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced Li Xiaohang to 11 years in prison for smuggling ordinary goods, a fine of $500 thousand. Li Xiaohang refused to accept the verdict, in September 2012 filed an appeal.

January 28th, the General Administration of Customs released data show that last year in the country’s Shield operation, the national customs investigation filed 1832 criminal cases of smuggling, the value of 34 billion 280 million yuan, compared with the same period in 2011 increased by 2.6% and 77.9% respectively. Hit a new high in ten years.

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purchasing is playing the edge ball "

puppet actor ("love shopping station webmaster, has made overseas purchasing):

I do before the overseas purchasing is the need to go through the customs procedures, most are regular transport customs, customs will be taxed. But do not rule out the other part of the transport and purchasing by some illegal means entry, if found to be suspected of smuggling. Big sellers may still go gray channel more, because now the legal declaration, each package should provide the recipient ID card, they are difficult to operate. Some of the big sellers have no worries about the customs.

purchasing and friends to help with things from abroad, are parcel tax, tariff is the dutiable value of imported articles in the table. If it is for commercial purposes, tariffs, import value-added tax and consumption tax will be levied. Simply, if something is to buy their own from legally brought back from abroad, if sold on suspicion of smuggling, so the customs file has always stressed that "reasonable use". Purchasing is actually walking a fine line, for example, I help others buy, but the recipient and the declaration >