mpulse is the devil double 11 shopping beware of businesses play routines

each reporter Jiang Peifang

"impulse is the devil," the five words in the annual double when the performance of the 11 is particularly evident. Impulse shopping, a large number of goods, and even make a business dispute a few examples in. Of course, there are some problems of the business itself, so this year, 11 countries before the relevant ministries of the two countries to advance to the major electricity supplier platform to play a preventive, to remind them to regulate the operation.

said, do not buy the essence of the sale, as consumers, but also need to keep their eyes open, do not fall into the trap of the merchant cloth". This article summarizes the business for you what are the routines".

2016 double 11 approaching, the major electricity supplier platform has begun to promote the warm-up, consumers have entered the buy buy buy rhythm. According to the China sound "center wide news" report, the relevant departments have recently interviewed business platform, businesses can not explicitly require vacuity original discount, to deceive consumers.

it is worth noting that the Ministry of Commerce spokesman Shen Danyang said at a regular press conference on November 2nd, will strengthen supervision of the network trading platform with the relevant departments to crack down on illegal acts.

home business platform were interviewed

according to the China Electronic Commerce Research Center report shows that the online retail market in 2012 to 64.70% growth rate in the high point, after 2013 began to fall, in 2015 and the growth rate of nearly. Although the growth rate is slowing, but the overall size of the transaction are showing growth.

the report is expected to reach 5 trillion in 2016 as much as the size of the transaction, which will be the first time the scale of China’s online retail transactions more than 5 trillion. 11 days behind the scale, double lastingachievements.

double 11 online shopping carnival, the price is an important factor to attract eyeballs. Some consumers in the explosion of seckill "and" Hui Ju sale "temptation, for fear of missed opportunities, necessary homework but ignore the actual demand and the" parity ". Unnecessary purchase, both a waste, fall into the dilemma of return difficult, but also easy to fall into the price trap set by the merchant.

China sound "center wide news" reported the case said the merchant said to be double fold 11 big promotion, consumers expect Ms. Yang place open commodity ", the results greatly disappointed: a last week bought children subcoating, buy only 75 yuan, 11 pairs of double discount, also need 69 yuan. She told reporters, then carefully check the relevant web pages found, the original subcoating price is 138 yuan, 75 yuan had been to the so-called "price for sale, the so-called double to eleven discount, is played in the original 138 yuan discount.

coincidentally, a business platform in a sports brand official flagship store, a jacket has the price of 250 yuan, close to double 11, the price has soared to 499 yuan, 11 double discount, seems to be a lot cheaper, and the price is not much difference between.

is not difficult to find, similar to the above