When printing love e-commerce

today, e-commerce has been applied to all walks of life, such as online meal ordering, buy clothes online, buy cosmetics online. As for the centuries old history of the printing industry, after several times after the rapid development of shuffling, but also to keep up with the trend of e-commerce, open the door to the printing industry e-commerce. When printing meets e-commerce, whether they can really wipe out the spark of the printing industry?

printing industry bottlenecks encountered

the last century until the beginning of twenty-first Century 90s, Chinese printing factory is still in the era of violence completely, on the one hand and the opacity of the printing process was the overall price, boot, and paper prices to color printing quotation; on the other hand, the industry does not need too much manpower, material resources and capital, will save a lot of unnecessary costs and earn more profit, as when people say "boot print = printing money".

later, due to the low cost of the "workshop" in this industry, printing market price is contrary to the laws of the market, make profits fall, printing enterprises since then into a vicious competition troubles, in a development bottleneck. After shopping after the reshuffle of the printing industry for many small and medium enterprises directly into the edge give dying kicks.

at the same time, the cost of printing industry is facing crisis, so many enterprises to seize the electronic commerce of the "life-saving straw", go on the way of the electronic commerce, electronic commerce and it really can lead the future of

printing industry?

e-commerce into the mainstream of the printing industry

now, in all walks of life, it seems to be able to hear the voice of e-commerce. Displayed in the study on "electronic commerce and printing business" in 2012 PRIMIR, in 2011, the printing industry revenue totaled $150 billion, e-commerce sales accounted for about 12% of the whole income. E-commerce sales will be in 2011 -2016 in the 5 years, to maintain an annual growth rate of 11.3%. According to EFI, David, Minnick, a printed e-commerce product manager, "50% of North American commercial printing companies own (different types) of printed e-commerce systems. This is indeed a chance, but the print from the supplier’s point of view, you need to try, can not take a back seat, continue to wait, or you will miss the first pot of gold".

this year the first Chinese printing e-commerce conference, Chinese Business Committee executive vice director and secretary general, Chinese electronic commerce industry alliance Secretary General pointed out that the Russian traditional printing enterprise service is not standardized, this is precisely the printing electronic business opportunity, can use the network service of a famous battle. Printing electricity providers need to overturn the original service system, the establishment of online, offline integration system. Secondly, to establish a high standard service system. Match the corresponding service standards to develop good and bad service benchmarking. Moreover, the need to establish a good service supervision mechanism, we must have a standard of service, but also the need to establish a special complaint and special events