Secondary trading not out of dawn or night


note: in February 26, 2015, Japan Tokyo District Akihabara electrical street, daikokuya is Japan’s second-hand luxury products shop.

advertising design is said to have come from a second-hand car dealer Aston Martin, no commercial visual release, only a charming woman happy together back, copy is also concise: you know you are not her first, but do you really care about


of course, this is a concept of the results, especially for the East – or China culture, many men will not refuse one night, but hold steadfast virgins and on the criteria.

in the industry view, this is Chinese electricity market growing, but the delay in the birth of a size comparable to the eBay and Craigslist of the second-hand goods trading platform features: user Chinese reason seems to prefer a pure product, and the others used them not interested.


in infancy, the role of eBay was from developed countries behemoth, the latter tried to C2C gene into pure Chinese, and for each transaction commission. According to the oral Ma Yun, including his Alibaba "Eighteen Arhats" will have personal items on Taobao, and then invite relatives and friends to take the goods payment difficult from the side of the education market.

The results of

and Taobao eBay competition in internal Ali is summed up as an army of ants "victory, but in fact, this mode has already from the jungle in experimental part company each going his own way, even the poor fight hand to hand with all the time.

listed on the eve of Ali roadshow video, Ma said he founded the company to help Merchants (retailer) to grow and create a lot of jobs. In other words, Tmall and Taobao to B2C and C2C classification is not scientific, the latter is the rule system in Ali was classified as "individual sellers", but in terms of turnover contribution to statistics, sellers are pillars of Taobao which has a full-time identity, the seller supply chain even factories or stores under the line also a few.

and eBay, it is difficult to claim that they can solve the employment problem.

C2C’s perennial weak, cause those trying to occupy the Ali landless products from the Bureau in the past years of continuous losses, especially want to bypass the payment channels and the introduction of barter mechanism platform — such as Chinese exchange network (2008 ceased operations), willing to network (2012 stop operation) – let the second-hand business becomes. Terrible, it is difficult to form enough to construct a business model scale.

macro economic situation, "not so good" is making a secondary market prerequisite for prosperity, the surplus value of supply and demand trend of running is not suitable for people to pay attention to idle goods. Therefore, when the 58 market, Taobao has hatched independent secondary trading products, some startups also back into the years of cold reception >