Talk about my views on those who earn hundreds of dollars a thousand dollars

often seen in the major forums to sell hundreds of thousands of people on the day of the release of advertising, there are a lot of people’s signature, too, for this kind of advertising I have long been numb, accustomed to.

today also happened to someone in the post one day to earn 188 yuan to send said Wangzhuan tutorial, ha ha, I look into the back, more people, the landlord asked to stay put E-MAIL tutorial to you, many people have left the E-NAIL, I did not leave, because I do not believe, and this 100% could not


then I’ll give you an analysis of why it is impossible.

1, real people will make money is definitely a low-key person, so if he will make money, then he must be rich, but very wealthy people have so much leisure around small ads teach money tips? He is not a fool, if you believe that you are a fool.

2, the real way to make money no one will tell you free, unless you have a particularly good relationship with him, life and death brothers or super good friends, and then relatives.

3, there is no unearned wealth, only in the dream it may be raining gold

4, make money once the project to know more people, and that this project is not to make money, such as the development of a product, others see you sell well on the market second days may be out of imitation, plagiarism in Chinese, omnipresent.

finally please friends honest do stand, do stand, do stand, blindly believe in others, as their own success, always only for people who are ready.

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