Please use new alimama ads

recently made a website (, a few days after the line was Google, Baidu included, to mention is not included in the Google every day, my heart pretty. In order to make the site more mature, beautiful, it adds a number of Google and alimama picture ads, do not expect it to make money, just want to site beautiful.


alimama ad I chose a long time to sell advertising, put up the code, display the picture to be false "and the like, this shows no advertisers to buy, this is normal, after all, is a new station, traffic is very small, I think so. Can not think after ten minutes, all shows what good stock software stocks advertising and perfume advertising, also feel very happy, and then landing Ali mother back view transaction management found no data, no see income, while on the Google Advertising, has been a good few knife income. During this time I put a few more alimama ads, the results are the same.


later, I gave alimama customer service message to explain the situation. Second days alimama gave me a reply, very timely. The contents are as follows:

Hello! Mom’s customer service is very glad to serve you!

help you verify your site by the Ali Mama audit, can sell advertising to earn income, but your advertising is not advertising purchase, so not to view the transaction in the transaction management. Because of your site not long time selling advertising, Ali mother push to click on ads on your website, your current account has been on specific income, you can log in my mom — the main site to view the income account.

thank you very much for your support for Ali!


to the background check and the income of 0.16 yuan, I don’t know what it is. Why I sent a message to the customer service, there is income, how to check before there is No. After a week of income did not move, and Google has been growing.

now I open my web site, see the alimama ad I fire, look at all.