Shop friends shop system source code you pay attention to it

we know that the source code that is not compiled in accordance with certain programming language specification written text files, any changes to the program must be through the source code to operate. Shop system source code is like the heart of the people, the interpretation of the entire system. I shop in the early start, not because the solution source code on the importance of the shop online system, post function extension and development two times there will be a lot of trouble, the shop system repeated replacement of the story.

expand channels, Taobao shop

07 years after graduating from college, home sales will be handed over to me to do the phone, may be due to start early, there is a certain degree of visibility in the local, after taking over the business booming. But the good times don’t last long the impact of the economic crisis, in 2009, sales affected, capital chain there is no small difficulty, pondering by promoting network channel expansion. Because during college, most access network, and has been in the online shopping experience, in the same family several times after the exchange, finally decided to carry out online sales, expected by the booming Internet to create their own little world.

just started, I chose to set up shop in Taobao, because Taobao threshold is low, as long as a simple computer operation can be sold online, and do not need to handle documents, no tax, the cost is very low. Since the beginning, there is no credibility, not a few customers every day, only to pay to buy some value-added services, increase the intensity of pay promotion, choose to pay the shop dress, etc.. The value of long-term value-added services to my economy has brought no small impact, the most important thing is that it is a platform for people, their stores have no autonomy. In the proposal of a friend, he chose to open an independent shop.

independent shop, try to resolve

independent shop is also relatively easy to buy online system, domain name and space can be built up, but the relative Taobao shop complex, own brand management, operating system, design the background page style. I contacted the university students to learn the art of dressing and uploading pictures of goods, independent shop will be successfully launched. However, the next thing, but I was surprised.


is not online system, on the contrary the shop received every day hundreds of orders, but I found that in the process of communication with customers, customers in the shop experience is poor, such as the customer experience when compared with similar goods to goods. I will need to expand the functionality of the shop needs feedback to the shop system business, they are out of the money does not develop costs. At the same time, I also contacted a friend, will be sent to the shop system program to see if it can solve the problem, a friend said the function must be extended to operate on the basis of the source code. I contact the online shop system is the source code, but did not get the answer. Independent shop I also did not expect to try to resolve the development of shop late, not to mention the problem of source code. Finally, there is no way, only to find a better shop system.

shop extensions,

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