Sun network promotion experience is not a dream to sleep in the money

2 years ago

was responsible for the work of an operating multiple brand B2C e-commerce site network promotion, just contact the work soon, for how to promotion, my heart is not the end, tried a lot of methods are ineffective, make me annoyed. On one occasion, watching TV at home, to see the development of a financial channel reported in a foreign B2C website experience, the website’s success is mainly adopted a similar website alliance strategy that allows members of the site through the platform to make money. Users only need to register on the website, the website directly to members of a beautiful shop, and comes with a two level domain name, membership just as the two domain names to relatives and friends, or hanging in the Forum blog, once someone enters the network to shop through the two level domain name, membership can be obtained a few percent of the total shopping Commission in return.

this promotion is not surprising, then there are many websites doing a similar promotion, but many websites not to members of a shop, but just a fringe member ID URL. After watching television reports, I feel this way good, just can’t copy, we must further optimize its existing basis, added some of his own ideas into a new promotion ideas resulting! Second days work, immediately proceed with the specific work of subordinates, operating mainly attributed to the following ideas point:

1, the follow foreign website B2C, where platform registered members are free to a similar Taobao shop, but Taobao shop requires the seller to purchase their own, shooting, shelves, when their customer service, and we provide online, members only choose which brand sold in the background or categories of women then, for example members want to sell "Qian Baihui" brand, which only needs to be checked, selling skirts just want to, just check the dress category, but also support the simultaneous selection of multiple brands or categories of sales. A member of the choice of a good to the brand or category of sales, the sale of the shop will receive the goods, which automatically changes to the selected brands or types of goods. After that, the members do not have to manage, update the goods, customer service, sales, after-sales all by us on behalf of the deal, members only need to give us the two domain name to publicize everywhere.

2, the gift shop only at the bottom with the shop by XXX’s official website to provide technical support, the rest will not reflect the official website link, let the shop looks more like opening their own user, if the user is willing to, you can also customize the store name, layout, after all, no one love the monotony of things, a lot of people love is a personalized.


, only for members with a similar to the domain name to promote, believe that few people are interested in, so I’m on the basis of this, also made some modifications to launch a number of activities to promote the spread of membership rewards, such as: who will sign his QQ for "I opened a women’s clothing store: a full.