How to reduce the user experience in order to get more revenue

a lot of people read the title of this article, that is the title of the party. Then I showered abuse. OK, look at my feelings and experiences. Reduce the user experience, improve revenue, described in two sites. One is the electronic commerce website, one kind is the trash website.

talk about spam sites. Garbage sites rely on GG to make money. Anyway, it is a lot of traffic, and then through the GG or other alliance to earn a click. When you do your job well, the interface to do a great job, users need to find their own information are found, click on the probability of advertising is very small. Look at the website I did.


look at this website.


above this is the home page of the site. Website is used to make money. You have answered the questions, they rarely click on the ad. You have to ask them to come to your web site to collect relevant information and information through the web site to answer his own doubts.

This two

website, we guess GG hits, how high? Welcome to post, after a period of time, the webmaster will be answered. Here are second more. E-commerce website, how to reduce the user experience, thereby increasing sales. It is not easy to sell things online. Homogenization is too serious, too serious plagiarism. Too much room for the user to choose. How to improve sales do?.

we all know that the user’s inquiry is very important, for example, they call the consultation or consultation through QQ, the distance between you a lot closer. Thus the probability of reaching a lot of sales. If the person who answered the phone’s professional knowledge and literacy is high, then the probability of reaching a larger sales. Therefore, we need to focus on how to attract traffic and encourage them to call to consult above. For example, your company is a tourist visa, your website also has information about this. You put the relevant information write, understand. So the guests read your information, understand the relevant process. After a period of time to forget your site, and other travel agencies to apply for a tourist visa to go.

visitors to your site, very satisfied with the information and information he wants, according to the user experience this perspective. Your website can play 100 points. But you are a failure, did not seize the potential customers, did not translate into productive forces.

look at this my site. CITS online, traffic is also good, pitifully low call volume. 400 IP a day, you guess how many phone calls / day. Welcome to post, after a period of time, the webmaster will be answered. Also welcome you to help me out of this website. Thank you My QQ93688719 MSN: l>