Chen Zhong and his dream of network education do not play virtual Adventure

in Chen Zhongsu, still can clearly find the shadow of Wall Street to save time, has long been the boss of the company, he still insisted on lunch every day in the company, and never lunch break. As more than 20 years ago, still working in Wall Street, he did not stop from the stock market opened, if not take over the traders, even the toilet time is not".

everything will not change because of returning home, this is Chen Zhongsu before returning to their own psychological hint".

in 1981, leaving just read a semester at the Peking University, the 17 year old Chen Zhongsu with a "foreign country" determination and only $200, embarked on a flight to New York. Soon, Chen Zhongsu will emerge: the undergraduate tutor to do research in the United States has not yet graduated from University of famous academic journals and magazines published three academic papers.

thanks to a more open research environment abroad, the opportunity to follow. Under the guidance of the tutor, the 20 year old young man can freely access to a variety of academic conferences, and have the opportunity to make an academic report, he also met a lot of famous experts and scholars. The bachelor degree in mathematics, computer science master read man "used to" logic ", he tried to sum up: the so-called" experts "are just so so, not only did not imagine", even in good out of a bandbox "original", "careless about dressing", the wise man also has many weaknesses."

now Chen Zhongsu in the eyes of others has become a big expert, but did not inherit the "weakness", "I was always a full spirit of adventure". The adventurer has often positioned himself as a "life" or "working"". In his view, the process of life is the most important, but also the most adventurous young people cherish and enjoy.

is an example. For most students, postgraduate is a "to chop off a layer of skin drudgery, but in Chen Zhongsu became" very light ": in the academic session, met his interest in the subject, Chen will find expert advice, read" admission ticket "was talked out and even the application form is in the future to accept his mentor to fill in," did not even experienced a rigorous and comprehensive interview".

in career choice, he also listened to the heart of the "adventure" call. In his academic achievements, he taught is as sure as a gun thing, but he chose to Wall Street, the reason is that "teaching in the school is a secure job, will be looked down upon". In Chen Zhongsu’s opinion, only the hard work in order to maximize the individual value in the real thing in the market.

October 2000, the Shanghai stock exchange to find Chen Zhongsu, asked him to return to the exchange as deputy chief engineer, presided over the exchange of new system design. At that time, Chen Zhongsu already has 16 years experience in the famous American financial technology experts.

did not hesitate, he came back. He believes that everything is