Xiao Ting Angel game from playing games to sell the game currency

Xiao Ting is known as the angel game among friends, she does not love angel love this title, able to feature straight talk from an honest man. No matter what the game, in her hand, quickly learned to play the game for 2 years, familiar with the network of the game, but also to get to know a lot of players.

because of popularity, in the game level are very high, the equipment is also many, many have asked her to buy the game player. When the game currency into RMB, she found the game currency trading market is very large, and then she simply engaged in the sale of the game currency. Because accounting in a private enterprise, a lot of spare time. Friends to make a simple promotion page, the site does not disclose here. In addition, Taobao also sold into 4 diamond, and other trading platforms are also regulars 5173. Now please a few people set up a game studio in the professional game money to sell. WOW, you can also punish sin…. etc. a monthly income to 3000.  enlightenment: the network is gold everywhere, rely on personal hobbies, toward your hobby do, do, perhaps to find money.