How do Wangzhuan network specification after webmaster

before the basic and relevant Wangzhuan cheating, as the network becomes more and more standardized, many appear in all sorts of bad phenomena, such as cheating and selling fake commodities will gradually over time be harmonious off. As these people we should timely adjust the direction of Wangzhuan, don’t, still in the study of cheating opportunistic projects, if these places still hovering in the network to estimate, it is hard to earn money. Internet norms, we all have to keep up with the pace, looking for business opportunities. Cheating can not be done, there is no garbage market, what should we do?

we all know that the term online shopping is no longer fresh. From the initial do not agree to accept the national online shopping is only a matter of time. In this trend, we study the network sales. Network sales, which is to sell products and earn the difference. A variety of ways, generally summarize the kiss Xingmin:

1, competitive sales.

bidding market is also standardized, fake and shoddy products have been very difficult to compete in the formal bidding advertising. So, we can not blindly study these products. Our products must also be standardized, from the formal channels to find their own products for sale.

2, the monthly purchase advertising sales.

in web search to find the corresponding traffic sites, and the webmaster contact to buy monthly advertising, put their product page in other people’s races as an ad, and product sales to earn the difference.

3, soft Wen promotion.

for the product to write soft text in the major community publicity.

4, open shop.

shop we all know how to open, the product selection is good to publish their own shop. The most recommended Taobao shop in kiss xingmin.

5, do product stand or integrated station.

do a product stand, and SEO combination, manual promotion and search engine promotion combination. Make integrated station can set user communication area, more conducive to search engine.

6, do alliance CPS.

domestic league linktech there are a lot of good products, these products are issued directly to businesses to spend money, to help others to sell products, profits are relatively rich.

7, joined Ali mother cat.

joined the guest to help Taobao store in store promotion products price.

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