Owners to make money a new weapon – integrity of the 365 ‘Association point of advertising

      365 of the Advertising Association integrity first "point of play" advertisement according to select the appropriate keywords within the page pop-up advertisers in the lower left corner of the screen, and will not be any browser screen! Can effectively improve ad targeting, reduce interference on the Internet users (not suitable, advertising is not any pop); in addition, there are a number of advertisements can be matched for the same page when the point of playing advertising will be in accordance with the order, open the page in the next time to replace another advertisement in order to improve the flow of the webmaster! Web site can also define their own reasonable keywords to match the desired ad.

, an Advertising Association ‘Association point’ advertising features:
1, pop-up ads can not be any browser screen, but can be turned off, to ensure the flow and make full use of
2, pop-up ads and page theme content related, and Internet users the area, reduce the net people not related to disturb
3 click the pop-up pop-up ads, and separate billing (currently only during the test period, increase the income of stationmaster pop-up billing)

two, Advertising Association ‘Association point’ form of advertising:
      ‘the associated point’ demo page inside the text are ten key words, such as "window, customers, demonstration, automatic…." So, through our system using class Google page analysis technology to determine the definition of the page, there are more important keywords: "the Advertising Association, keyword matching, website, webmaster, setting, billing, browser, test, importance, open, interference, tools, judgment, closed, Google". (key words you can use our own gadgets to test their website: Oh)
      when the page is placed "associated ‘ad code, our system will be the most important page keywords in order of importance in turn with different advertisers set on the different pop-up ads keywords to match, when found, pop-up ads, there will be a small advertising window in the lower left corner of the page. To this page for example, keywords our own advertising set on exactly: "webmaster, keywords" keywords, the system will page the most important keywords related ads, is our advertising, pop. When there are multiple customer specified keywords on the same time, the system will automatically broadcast different ads on the page refresh time.

– enter the relevant point of the advertising demo page

– direct registration of the relevant point of the launch advertising

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