Ctrip two venture Liang Jianzhang return to start wireless and investment

text: Wang Jiecong

Ctrip now feel the same as in the same year and entrepreneurship." Founder Liang Jianzhang comeback from March 1st this year, as chairman and CEO Ctrip, the first time to sit down and talk to the media strategy. He believes that Ctrip and the impression that the beginning of the different.

Liang Jianzhang Ctrip different definition as the two venture, because now we are in a new thing on the starting line".

if the transfer from the call center to the Internet platform to become the first venture OTA, then the second is the traditional OTA to wireless transfer. Although the return of the near future, but Liang Jianzhang no doubt treasure in the wireless and investment.

resources focus wireless

Liang Jianzhang debut is to do a product manager’s work, that is, at the press conference to introduce their new version of APP – Ctrip wireless 4.4 spring edition. Beam manager is not a good introduction to make everyone understand that this product is very important to him.

in Liang Jianzhang’s new strategy, wireless is the focus, resources to tilt with this. Because he believes that no matter what form change, tourism service enterprises to do is quality customer experience, and from the call center to the line, then to the mobile phone terminal, the user experience more convenient and integration.

and he is more concerned about is that APP user loyalty is higher. On the PC, the user is very easy to parity, very low cost to replace OTA service providers, which is where to go in recent years, Taobao and other major ways of the impact of ctrip. And Liang Jianzhang said, wireless applications combined with voice search, high-quality call centers and mobile special edition price, so that users get a strong viscosity.

another secret is the cost of the call center in OTA assets are heavy assets, but Ctrip also cannot abandon, because even if the relative proportion of call center decline, but the absolute number will not be reduced, the call center quality itself is the competitiveness of ctrip.

but resources, Ctrip wireless will have more advantages. Ctrip CEO Jiang Hao wireless division is one of the founding members, he said, such as mobile phone price is lower than that of the Internet because of the preferential price, plus it back now, so the price is Ctrip themselves, which belongs to the starting wireless business, even if other departments must subsidies.

Ctrip is also optimistic about the rapid growth of smart phones. 2011 release of the first Ctrip application, its active downloads only 200 thousand, and by March 2013, this figure rose to 30 million.

venture capital investment in

wireless is an example, Ctrip does poineering work the two times in fact, including the tonight hotel special offer, where are in competition with Ctrip plays the role of fish fish around the halo, and Ctrip impression to the outside world is big but not fine, but Liang Jianzhang obviously want to change this point. < >