Rookie PM how to operate offline products Taobao

received a text message advertising in 2011, apply for the purchase of Taobao campus minister, after examination, the success of being hired as Minister of Taobao campus, so far, set off a wave of campus purchasing.

product introduction


" is actually not to target customers online banking, online shopping and not worry about fakes in the online groups, Taobao customers was relatively prosperous development, basically Taobao customer promotion link covers the entire Taobao above about 90% of the goods and services provided by our purchasing minister, is for our service the students pay money for their online shopping, courier receipt inspection, final delivery to the dormitory face inspection for cash.

because the school is large, around the bank less, where I want to give the students the dormitory area of Alipay and other online banking charge money to go far away, usually late to class, so the charge money is really troublesome, it also give us purchasing provides advantage. Taobao purchasing profit point is actually Taobao Commission, which will be described in detail below.

promotion campaign

was in the school has not been done, many people do not know exactly why purchasing, according to the principle of loud First impressions are strongest, fired the first shot is very important. And I love more minor in a sneaky way, after the implementation of project to make snap. Leaflets, business cards can not be vague god horse, do not look bad quality, it will give people a sense of low grade can not be trusted. So the promotion of a single page is the use of Taobao’s own support material, as well as a strong degree of mother, a person in the dormitory design, toss a few nights finally made. Business card is to rely on small G (my girlfriend) advertising design relatives to complete. According to the time at the campus dormitory number, single page and name card printed about 1000 copies, because the campus in addition to undergraduate freshman to senior student, there are several buildings of apartments, and taking into account the late event will be needed, so a dormitory for a rest for promotion, just printed 1000 copies. Single page and name card in hand, to name card nail on a single page, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and strive to do it perfectly, so in order to name card name card, the upper left corner of the page and the upper left corner of the alignment at the nail together. Toss about 4 days time finally done.

had the promotional materials, is a painful and long one, in order to solve the cost, the money spent on the edge, so this time I and G two together, distribute, I am responsible for the male dormitory, she was responsible for the girl’s dormitory. So in the next week, every night you will always see a man carrying a bag in the dormitory inside the hard work of small ads. No one will be the dormitory, single page carefully into the door, someone’s dormitory, simply explain our service scope, the students again looked at a single page, again listen to my introduction, this effect is the best, profound impression. Interested students on the spot to add my QQ back to detail