To sing as chief content officer raw whale music network founder Chen Ge


technology news at noon on April 25th following the news, "I am today director singer" Hong Tao joined as chief art consultant, Vow, and the original headset Top100 founder Chen Ge announced officially became the chief content officer sing. It is reported that, as chief content officer Chen Ge, will be responsible for content selection, sing sing, artist management and other fields to create internal Reds IP.

sing it is a social product launched around the music, the future is to sing the user is a very large music circle, as long as the songs about things we will do." Sing CEO Chen Hua said that due to the lack of experience in the field of artists, sing it has always been in the music industry extension, did not go deep into the middle of the industry.

seems to Chen Hua, Chen Ge served as chief content officer singing, making it possible to sing into the middle of the music industry. It is understood that Chen Ge had worked in the field of music for many years, has been involved in the field of management of brokerage artists, signed a number of musicians, such as Cui Jian, Luo Dayou, Sherry.

it is understood that the Chen Ge join full sing, in addition to sing sing content, took over the Reds IP management, the prospective perspective of music, no doubt also inject strong thrust for sing star platform ability. Prior to joining sing as chief art consultant Hong Tao, is more focused on the guidance of professional artists are given, and will urge the sing with the domestic well-known program of cooperation, to provide more opportunities for the Reds to sing.

The original

Jujing music network founder Chen Ge

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, Chen Ge (Gary Chen), the original September 2005 Jujing music network president, China, created the first generation of genuine digital music company Top100 and Yao Ming and Zhang Mingji together, and served as CEO. In 2007, the company led the A round of financing, creating the era of Chinese online music genuine. In 2013 created the VOW headset, and hired former Beats Donald Polk headset products large coffee CEO. (Zhou Xuedie)