Those who quit the business editor, now how to do

at the end of last year, a "editor of adults to start" the times media group, also let the laymen shocked: the mainstream press editors have to start? The full inventory from the "Phoenix Weekly", "Beijing News", "first", "Economy & Finance Weekly twenty-first Century economic report" NetEase, Sohu, and other media editor turnover is now doing business projects, a total of 15 reports of its editor, entrepreneurial projects involving the media, games, social software, medical education, etc.. In this list, only 40% of people continue to engage in the media industry, while the number of people who continue to do the original content. It’s been half a year since the editor in chief of the people’s Republic of China started the business. How are the editors now and how are they doing?.

media business is not a new topic. Back to around 2010, there will be "China entrepreneurs" department president editors out of business, the media entrepreneurs, active positive and the island, Caixin, tiger sniffing, 36Kr and other new media and the first Chinese entrepreneur magazine has a direct relationship clear; after 2012, NetEase to help entrepreneurs "quite striking, unfamiliar street and YY is one of the successful representative.

traditional media comprehensive fall trend, nearly one or two years and a wave editor have left, the formation of New Media Editor do leave phenomenon. In the transformation of the waves, they are no longer the editor system of migrant workers, and began to make a product, and the in-depth market, they have become the founder of a company, and investors turned to talk about money, thinking of the business model for entrepreneurs. Every day, the new reports and changes in their own platform to show all the. The era of entrepreneurship, as a media person, their retreat and change, because to decision-making and visually, and become the best documentary of this era of entrepreneurship.

Xu Husheng: one of the best transition samples

: "the Bund pictorial editor turnover time: 2013

now: a video Founder Founder time: May 2014

September 8, 2014, "a" video online, WeChat public platform in May 2015, a "Chinese lonely library" video caused a lot of concern, according to other media reports about the video tracking, after reports of the library has been "the most lonely" into "the most lively" library. And prompted it instantly burst red, it is a video. It is reported that the video in WeChat has exceeded 2 million 500 thousand hits.

this is a one into the public view of the landmark event, but also to its release so far one of the more influential video. Xu Husheng, founder of a recent speech on the mobile Internet Innovation Conference, revealed that the current number of WeChat subscribers was 6 million, which is a number of WeChat subscription is an amazing figure. But Xu Husheng had mentioned in an interview, the user level of the Internet can not be used and traditional media >