Fairy tale king of the son of the entrepreneurial fairy tale

fairy tale king Zheng Yuanjie, the son of Beijing pipiluzongdongyuan Culture Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Zheng Yaqi came to the "moment of speech", tells his story. The following is the speech for fine content.

grade two, I want to make money

my father is Zheng Yuanjie, I call him "Lao zheng". In addition, Lao Zheng wrote Pipiru Lu Xixi series of fairy tale, his most famous thing is that after I graduated from primary school let me go to school at home. So I have 99% people have different education and growth experience, and this experience and I have a great relationship.

the first time I have to make money when the idea is in the second grade primary school, one day old Zheng said: "the flag, you don’t go to school on the other, but I must tell you one thing, before the age of 18, what do you want me to give you what you want, after 18 years no matter what I do not you have to give me filial piety."

in 1993, Zheng bought me a computer. At that time, I met a lot of newspaper editors, and often chat with them. One day, an editor told me that they lack a full page of this issue of the newspaper article, so I wrote a full page introduction, he published after send me two copies of newspapers and royalties. I think this can make money, has been writing things, this is the interest, interest is the best teacher.

I found out that it wasn’t fast enough. In 1995, I learned to do a web page, when I probably made more than and 100 Web pages, so develop. 16 to the age of 18, I fried two years, until the age of 18, I have a certain economic base. Lao Zheng said that you are 18 years old, at home to pay the rent, I said I do not pay, because I want to move out, give you back as they go out.

the greatest lesson in life

later stocks do not make money, I would like to find a job to support themselves.

because I only have a primary school diploma, so I didn’t see anyone at all at that time. Finally, there is an interview, the boss look at me, stood up and touched my leg, he said, brother, how can you account for Beijing primary school graduation?. So he said, "I’m sorry to hear that I will be able to hire you if you are disabled."." Just because I’m not disabled, I didn’t get the job.

my first real job was at a newspaper. In the past two years, I went up to the director of technical department from the ordinary technical staff, but at this level, I found that enterprises and institutions are not suitable for me. So I went to Lao Zheng, let him give all his works to me to issue operations. Lao Zheng said I do not give you, I said why? He said because you have no experience. I say you can give me a you are not authorized to the works of others, I signed a contract with you, give you a royalty. Lao Zheng said what do you want? I said I want to put your works into a comic book, give you a royalty, Lao Zheng said.