Why entrepreneurs increasingly shameless

in recent days, aunt beauty grapefruit two friends each tear force, make friends like the ancient Colosseum, man and beast rolled in mud, the audience can’t tell who prevail, is only a loss but also with no loss of enthusiasm by cheers.

someone turned the scolding the data fraud manuscript with expression "I have never seen such people have no shame yesterday, today again that this rumor deliberately pengci announcement brought out the chicken soup" can also lay the gun It is without rhyme or reason. let a good start, but more importantly, he in every moment not to doubt his sincerity and justice.


and Wang Feng can not always on the headlines, the end of beauty grapefruit aunt Fenquan melee, is home to wash this generation of overnight startups, it personally shattered O2O carnage lies, and warned those who suffer from the high cost for the customer is not peer: commercial law has failed you, but you are not working hard enough.


if the car O2O can realize to the district where those not in their car owners do card here one by one plug "as not to open an account, within three days of planning the car" cards, they will not fall in the winter capital


if the fresh O2O timely hire a man rushed to the community of super Vegetable & Fruit counter, with the procurement process momentum deter uncle aunt, the monopoly of the neighborhood. Fresh food supply and what difficulties?

you will not learn the sea, the house on behalf of the wash you will not learn it?

some people say that Baidu should buy the home to be the first start-up, I thought that is in the black Baidu, but the house wash team of friends, really is a heaven-made match:


if you look at a vaguely familiar feeling and can’t remember why, look at the following picture:


this is used in a Low explosive industry conference two months ago on the Baidu user experience director Liu Chao PPT and speech blind dog eyes and cause the whole network audience booed after he and his men in the circle of friends stand proud.

is exactly the same…… Are you lost her sister


from the principles of economics, the low cost of evil, that is, after the negative punishment, will encourage those who step into the gray area of the behavior. Especially in the "about" Losers are always in the wrong. commercial market, the public fascination with you the scenery, but also inclusive of their stain, and the Duke defeated the division and complex, but a pedantic.

Jobs was magnanimous admitted that he and Bill · Gates is stolen from the Xerox graphical interface where the thief, because he.