Cooking dinner Lei even cast three times to drop out of the home chef O2O


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chef O2O home, is the moment a lot of home service category.

cooking meal is on-line by the end of 2014 a chef on-site service in App, its selling point is not cooking rice. Registered users can according to their own tastes and preferences, online booking home chef cooking, food may bring their own, but also let the home chef to buy. The cook meal service only in the Shanghai area, the plan by the end of 2015 in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen first-tier cities opened business.

business for 10 years, late in Lei

"cooking meal is a byproduct of the thing is unintentional. Last October, a few buddies and I university football team in the restaurant Xialiao, when it comes to a variety of O2O super fire door. It was suggested that he was very lazy, someone can give him a good dinner. So, unwilling to remain out of the limelight ah, just do it." Cook rice founder Zhang Zhijian told the tiger sniffing, "before that, we are doing a girl version of" what to buy "recommend shopping, buy a domain name spent 150 thousand. The cook home O2O, is my third entrepreneurial transformation."

36 year old Zhang Zhijian is Shanghai Chongming Island people, in 2001 graduated from the University Department of electronics, after less than a year of work, chose to go to Singapore MIT Union College to pursue a master of manufacturing and supply chain management. After returning home in 2004, he joined the high school students as a technology partner to create a wireless value-added services company, for mobile operators to do outsourcing services. In 2009, Zhang Zhijian began to see intelligent mobile phone popularity brings the opportunity to the mobile Internet, even as B2C business development boom, so Zhang Zhijian and his business partner will sell the original company, the establishment of the new company "and" do App outsourcing business, because to every guest, UNIQLO, intime net customer orders in the industry have small reputation.

on 2011, and the guest has obtained IDG, Lei Jun and I Shun Fund (also owned by Lei) totaling $6 million 830 thousand investment, "this part of the money in the Lord do cooking dinner when guest transformation is also one of not moving." Zhang Zhijian said, ray himself has said, to understand a person is going to vote for him, he failed to vote for him, until he voted to succeed so far, then I was really thrown three times."

in the on-line meal burned more than two months later, Zhang Zhijian once again came to the Lei office, after a conversation more than 1 hours, Lei Jun will.