Love Shanghai algorithm does not change the law you lost


recently launched the "love Shanghai Lee on the chain that judge" hit many webmaster! The reason is very simple, before the show is not a chain form many owners are not qualified with the description about the chain, because the official did not specify, so a lot of the chain are doing out of the. Now suddenly love Shanghai official gave a description of the chain, said now most of them are not qualified, this is nothing more than to a webmaster. "" a head-on blow in stationmaster chain did not find a better way, you will not be confused with

confused? confused?


algorithm in the love of Shanghai, many owners can still do a good ranking, but the ranking is up, but no traffic

boss!Although the

no flow means to the company.


recently I saw on the Internet many webmaster in sharing their experience after reading the Shanghai dragon, and summarizes some, of which the most important is many webmaster friends think they are "confused." think into this line from the beginning to now, found himself has been in confusion. Although many of the more successful cases done before, but why still feel confused? I believe that many owners will have this kind of confusion! Especially the 2013 love Shanghai adjust more frequently, many owners have HOLD out, so, you lost the

will be confused? (first find the lost reason)

4 up, no traffic pressure



user experience on your website to give users what value, it really can solve a series of problems to the user’s question and so on. Experience from these users can be seen basically belongs to the operation of the site. But many webmaster is to Shanghai dragon and optimized, did not make good use for web site operators, will lead to the site’s ranking because they do not meet the user experience and the decline in ranking. The only Shanghai dragon friends can


from the previous acquisition station are, up to now (from the author) many good websites are doing very well, but rarely see acquisition station can be stable ranking station. As the author is responsible for the puzzle hall mall early, before the acquisition of the basic content, now not included, now included in the back is basically out of the original article. (we can look at the station included). Because of love of Shanghai content more demanding, so many owners began to write their own original articles, not a lot of in-depth study of the webmaster to Shanghai dragon, repeated every day to write the original content, you can not say that

1 chain change

3 to love Shanghai website user experience more demanding.

2 love Shanghai for web content more demanding.