The outdated Shanghai dragon cheating novice attention

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as I said, the first is hidden text, the novice love do, including hidden common words to improve the relevance and increase the chain of hidden links. This text the user can not see, can see through the search engine source code, contains a large number of keywords. The most commonly used method is: the text color and background color set to the same page, this is the simplest and most likely to be found. Sometimes cheat staff will put color into very similar tone, the search engine to read code is different, the user in the page is actually very difficult to distinguish. Then there is a way to font smaller, a character set into a pixel, so the user can see the text of course. And now the most common use of CSS and JS script control, which is the most commonly used way of hanging black chain. No text location into the invisible region, or will not display text on the layer, it can achieve the effect.

Shanghai dragon cheating has been stopped, cheating is not poor, the mainstream in earlier years very popular these cheating has been completely useless, not only with the optimization effect, but easily lead to search engine drop right punishment, or even K station. When many novice can contact the Shanghai dragon are very keen on cheating, think this is Shanghai dragon shortcut, such as those who reply to a lot of hidden anchor text novices, that the administrator can not see, you can easily do the chain, a lot of not knowing, not any such anchor text use search engines completely excluded and if the quantity is too much, but for your own website adverse. Today I will take stock of the common Shanghai dragon cheating.


some of the hidden text, such as location written by JS to display layer is very difficult to find, search engine detection is a little difficult, but once the artificial examination is very easy, because some users may like or rival search engines report. Hidden text is found is indeed likely to cause punishment, the risk is relatively large. Hidden links are clear Shanghai dragon cheating, but the search engine has some difficulty in punishing judgment, it is generally the effect of zero, and then observe, therefore, do not have any effect at least, accumulated more, must be punished.

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in order to improve the site keywords ranking, often on the Internet to every corner of the link, but obviously spam links have two different characteristics: 1, only to leave the link. 2, link anchor text is the basic goal of keywords. A little more, a lot of junk links are through various mass groupware software to complete the function. Search engine spam links not what difficult, some junk filter plug-in can judge the majority of spam, not to mention the search engine, their master data analysis and judgment ability is more powerful, so the spam links can definitely be judged.

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