The site is down right again love Shanghai experience

although I am writing is rough, but each one write more personal real experience, thoughts and feelings of experience, if there is no place please forgive me! The first station network, please respect the individual civilization reproduced, the fruits of labor! Thank you!

after thinking, I want to do is a site in Shanghai Links love down the right, my site has been implicated in stationmaster net check really one site included only 30, marked red display, due to the development of the website need to post installed plugins and many other things had been more no attention, so I immediately and the station that he resumed in the website link, and he removed the link, that should be no problem, but strange to say love Shanghai and noble baby seems to continue to reduce, reduce the amplitude is not so big, so I also introduced a few Links and daily update 4-5 original article, and strengthen the construction of the chain, and the effect is obvious, which included several love Shanghai and noble baby began normal growth

station Changsha Forum (www.0731dl贵族宝贝) included finally started to rise again, so this is the legendary love Shanghai drop right ah, did not expect so easily is my fix, ha ha, so that the novice webmaster friends when the problems don’t panic, should learn to face the problem, solve the problem, the only way can go farther and farther in the circle.

station is also almost 3-4 months, every day in the new website traffic, Links query, some time ago about 7-8 days like a check included love Shanghai and noble baby actually reduced in stationmaster net, and today included fewer beginning but I don’t note that the thought is a collection of articles began to love Shanghai and out of it, but the next few days, every day I pay more attention to the next, even the day included reducing, but also reduce quickly, most of them even one day an article not included me, most of my the day is the pseudo original article, also made a lot of the original according to the truth is not such a problem ah, I also read a lot of knowledge about it