Why is Shanghai dragon entertainment instead of pure technology, how to look at the Tmall installmen

here I have a few questions to explain. Some time ago my site is down right, but this is the right down who said that, I think the people in the Links unilaterally, because through the site my home is not the first, ranking began to fall. Site is down right in the first place? I don’t explain this problem, a lot of people have been discussed, I do not think. But the rankings fall down, because the site made a rectification.

some time ago with a friend talked about the Shanghai dragon live, a friend said to me, as you live this technology, firmly, technology will be easier. I was thinking for a while, I told him: the spread of the Internet in Shanghai dragon is pure technical, but there are more senior people think that if the Shanghai dragon as a purely technical, so do not go long, what is Shanghai dragon? I was summed up, Shanghai dragon = thinking + technology + entertainment. Why?


here, have to say a kind of inspiration once three big things to bring us the Shanghai dragon. When the Shanghai dragon is regarded as a pure technical live time, I don’t know if this can do long, benefit is much, because I have not tried. But as the mainstream trend, Shanghai dragon was identified as the enterprise SEM which is a terminal. The network part of the sound, is just a part of the site of Shanghai Longfeng department. The entertainment in the end will bring much benefit to Shanghai dragon.

When Tmall

do not know if you have noticed some time ago Tmall stage of this thing. The original mighty momentum of the Tmall platform, but why crazy promotion, a variety of means? Small apple and tell us what a truth. What is it about 94 years red Le

in installment purchase, perhaps most people learned through advertising, in addition to a small number of people are from their own to buy, and then a small part is from being invited in to. Small article not only, is invited. But the overwhelming articles, promotion, advertising, I also find that, as long as by Tmall in the 360 installment purchase of any article, love Shanghai experience of any article, love Shanghai know how to get all through the (now of course if only the chain is not much, but the answer is still a little promotion the pass rate of 100%,), I do not under 20, all through the next, my contribution in various forums, Phoenix and other large sites, blogs, tested, with two in the chain, all the time through. From here, I get a conclusion: the big event to do outside the chain, the success rate is very high, and can obtain a large number of hits, the article was reproduced, at least not sink. I think, if the use of such articles to do their own site article or Shanghai dragon, the effect is certainly not bad, although the correlation is not strong, but as long as the reference is proper, can bring entertainment and value of the article, see how you use.

small apple gave Shanghai dragon brought what inspired? When there are little apple. "