Shanghai Longfeng outside chain construction the key breakthrough point

is now more and more people found the soft force on the network, a good soft Wen can be major media websites, and users reprint, you can imagine.

the other day and chat online with a friend, he is doing marketing in a car sales company, he said that he had a recent event: 100 wars ultimate prize car radio and newspaper publicity activities, the activities in the local post, they will want to buy a car from the local family of the blitz the specific form, is the overall cost of a car is set to 100, then let one hundred people buy, finally by lottery, to determine the ultimate ownership of the car, and the remaining 99 were not winning can use the money to buy the cash coupon decoration car or a car, the success of this activity the effect is novelty, sensation is caused by a late effect of a lot of people are aware of this well-known 4S shop, go up, and the flow of people visiting the store is also up, so the success of the movement The two points are: the election of the media, and made a strange sensation of marketing events. In fact, today I said at the start of the purpose of this activity is to express if we do stand should be through formal means to make a station, and quickly gathered popularity.

for Shanghai Longfeng a station, if has the external flow, we first thought is the search engine, it is our first search engine optimization goal, but we should be looking for is a network promotion platform for us, because if you choose the right of network information platform, this platform can not only lead to unexpected the flow, and to optimize the search engine is more effective, for example: now most of the fire site is the Ministry of Railways train tickets online booking sites, their propaganda media are authoritative media, through the media to the traffic pressure, and through access to the increase of train ticket related keywords are basically ranked first in the search engine, it just embodies the suitable media for some enterprise stand free The resource is of course the B2B website propaganda platform, because most people view your information here are your target customers, as can be imagined by these places to browse website, if you do not too much of the time, the user must adhere to high, site weight will rise, it can be said that the site of Shanghai Longfeng is suitable selection of network media is crucial.

The We

chain for most of the webmaster Shanghai dragon has been both love and hate, or spend high investment to buy the chain, or spend a lot of time to sell toil forum, blog and so on all kinds of free resources to Jianwai chain, is there a way to put this work to a higher level that is, let the money, time and labor? Let me give you an example, see if you can get some enlightenment of the construction of the chain:

2, fine soft let you twice

1, the media of the network is very important