Shanghai dragon laugh to the end will become chicken ribs left for the king


"I like the chicken ribs, tasteless, abandon shed", a hope to achieve "Wangzhuan dream" Friends of the A5 station network of Shanghai dragon team guest website by Taobao (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) leader Tang Shijun said: "I suspect Shanghai dragon


can do for you?"

because with the development of network marketing, the current "content is king, the chain for the emperor" as the foundation, user oriented Shanghai dragon has become the foundation of all the essence of imperceptibly in network marketing – this is the biggest difficulty Shanghai dragon, if you have a solid grasp of how to better integrate "being written off the contents of the core, always grasp the needs of potential users in the first time, so what you get is not only out of the ordinary industry original content, and you will easily find the unusual and extraordinary promotion methods, easily overcome such as" how to send the chain "promotion problem because everything is content marketing promotion after all.

"chicken ribs" stories vividly described the natural human ambivalence — although "tasteless", but even so, the "chicken ribs" is still "chicken" ah, how can throw to throw

but as the network marketing is the most effective way to promote Shanghai dragon anyone do not dare to give up, so we feel "tasteless" at the same time, and feel the gesture, in a contradictory psychology.

ZAC in response to the question "how Taobao webmaster guest website Shanghai dragon" said: "the Taobao product content took >

short, "I wonder if you could do about Shanghai dragon" is not a lack of evidence to support. But from another perspective, this just means that Shanghai dragon positioning positioning is not clear even website operation — especially for those involved in Shanghai Longfeng for only a few months for friends, most people thought they completely blinded by the "Shanghai dragon able to perform wonders" propaganda.

now Shanghai dragon for more Shanghai dragon ER, is really "tasteless, abandon do not abandon the" chicken ribs "- Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, not only love Shanghai and other search engines frequently change algorithm, and the search engine exposure space more and more small to Shanghai dragon, too more and more unstable," Shanghai dragon death "prophecy appeared frequently; while Shanghai dragon has become increasingly fierce competition, Shanghai dragon effect is not obvious, even no effect, so that more and more Shanghai Longfeng ER who feel tasteless".

in fact, although the keyword ranking as the main feature of the Shanghai dragon competition, but if we get out of misunderstanding of "Shanghai dragon is the keyword ranking", we will find that the master of Shanghai dragon basic skills for the future of our network marketing is of great benefit.