SEM is not a great scourges Shanghai dragon ER paid attention please

some time ago I and a friend of Shanghai Longfeng debated for a long time, because I was in love now in Shanghai for promotion, he jokes and I said I was a "Shanghai dragon rebellion", in order to save the Shanghai dragon a generalized cost is, how can I put take the Shanghai dragon do not go to Shanghai instead of love money? In fact, believe that this idea of the Shanghai dragon ER is certainly not unusual, especially just contact Shanghai Longfeng not long. At least, I also began to have such ideas..

for example to illustrate. For example, I now engaged in the bottled water industry, the industry keywords are not too popular keywords, so relatively speaking these words do optimization is also easier, with some conventional methods can still make keyword ranking in a short period of time. But then a short time is the need for a month, if the new station that needs longer time. Also, before Shanghai dragon has now become very popular, the industry will not lack of Shanghai Longfeng professionals, want to obtain stable home ideal position in the ranking, even if it is not popular keywords also need long-term care to pay a lot of effort. Now what the competition is fierce, if you don’t progress means you in the back, Shanghai dragon is the same. But a person’s energy is limited, you can do ability to highlight five or six main keywords, ten or twenty long tail keywords in the top three, as far as I know to be able to achieve such results in Shanghai dragon ER is already very good Shanghai dragon ER, even if is the key point of the popular words. For me this technology is not so high in Shanghai dragon ER, to achieve such a result is that it takes a long time to. Well, such a problem comes. Our enterprises are small, there is no special Shanghai dragon ER team, I am a person alone in melee, to achieve the effect of said before every day watching the site, time and cost, so that my salary is Shanghai dragon cost? Some people say, the more people effective team combat effect, quick. Yes, really fast, but you need to pay several times the salary to do, and do not specialize in Shanghai Longfeng outsourcing company, please so many employees to do Shanghai Longfeng, website rankings, stable and do not need so many people.

is actually not so?

then I began to think, why have such ideas? It boils down to two words "cost" or "cost". A few years ago, Shanghai dragon began to become popular on the network, resulting in a series of comments in the network oriented: want to bite on the cake, do the most affordable Shanghai dragon. Why? Because many people misunderstand the Google " Shanghai dragon is free". Shanghai dragon is free, so there are better than this marketing tool? So a time Shanghai dragon become hot. The bid to promote a kind of SEM means by some Shanghai dragon ER as "wolf tiger".