Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect of four point technology of website construction

says, in the website promotion before your website is to do well in the station optimization, internal link optimization. In the dream weaving program, dream content template of each line of code will have his anchor text, so the search engine in the understanding of code case by text description we can know this website put a string of code meaning. But the anchor text information of site in the optimization of the time as far as possible reasonable layout, concise text, it is best not to do keyword stuffing. This hidden keyword stuffing behavior in the short time can help us improve the amount collected and ranking, but it is also the most annoying > search engine

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three: website internal link optimization

two: snapshot update date

as a novice webmaster, at the beginning of our work is very passionate, but when we do for a long time, feel the site did not progress, we estimate will be frustrated, in fact I have just experienced such periods. We do so in Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme and the promotion of the time should pay attention to those requirements or search engine algorithm. The following is my according to their own experience and the experience of God online you wrote an article about the influence of the search engine included elements of the article, hoping for a power station with same and I have lost myself.

said that if the snapshot is updated every day to our website every day will be like Shanghai included, this is a great thing, but most of the sites are 1-3 days will be updated once, this is a normal phenomenon. And we through updated snapshot, can understand the search engine attention to our website. Then the search engine snapshot update slow, not normal, in addition to the content of your site is updated every day for this reason, another reason is that your website weight is relatively low. The weight of the low, web search engine for your attention degree is not so high. This time you have to do is in the premise of the daily update high quality content to improve page weight. Such as Links (find and their site, the best weight than their own), the chain (the chain of garbage even).

The influence of

first, a good website to have a stable server and innocent domain, and an optimization scheme of Shanghai Longfeng good program. There were not enough, the most important thing is to have content. Since love Shanghai change included algorithm, "content is king" this principle is paid more and more attention, so webmaster will pay more attention to this problem. I am here to teach you a good way, site algorithm we all know, every record yourself updated a few items, then second days site yesterday included a few, and then use the update number than the number included, look at the value of how high. If it is found that the collection is very low, it means we update the quality of the content is indeed not very high, then you have to do the work of original content.