The reasons about the supplement and thinking of medical website Google traffic over love Shanghai

from the two figure is not difficult to see, Google search traffic from Shanghai to catch up, rather than love gradually overtake until now more than 3 times more than the love of Shanghai, in the 4 months before this is not, although it may have been due to the optimization of the site before, and now because of the company the loss of personnel, plus a small, resulting in optimization, management is lack of a certain relationship (update remains unchanged), but it can be a pure natural site attitude to illustrate some of the problems.

2, Google is willing to give the opportunity for the new station

1, in recent months, Shanghai has been greatly adjusted

algorithm of love

this sentence is not up to me, really long before in a comparison of the authority of Shanghai dragon books or websites to see this topic, and by observing the traffic sources, did find some pages in the weight can not be compared with some big site, as long as the content is high correlation ranking it is better than the other. This is made by Google, will give new opportunities and new theory, as long as it can keep high quality content, to bring users more.


I know the comparison of two CNZZ statistical data of the last 4 months of the day the medical station screenshot (respectively at the end of March to the end of April and the end of May compared to the contrast at the end of June):


former "medical website Google traffic over the detailedanalysis of" love Shanghai in the article, the author analyzes many are reasonable, but through the recent search some information on this issue, there are two main thought to add:

First look at


A5 today saw an article on the "Google medical website traffic more than love Shanghai reasons detailedanalysis’ article, I did as a medical site worker, also found recently in a pure natural Optimization Website, the emergence of this phenomenon, always want to share with you now, although there are people share, but I think some places need to supplement.

should be a lot of people know, from 2010 to October there has been a lot of media revealed that Google will enter the mainland market, Shanghai love for the world’s largest search engine or some fear, they have been trying to find countermeasures, and after a year of half a year later, these measures may have already begun to implement. Although a lot of adjustment for weight high website, may have almost no effect, but the station is still relatively large impact, such as the station I know there is a lot of keywords ranking, or not. Many people may think that "love Shanghai algorithm" are in blind speculation, but Facts speak louder than words., otherwise I should not have people with the same phenomenon is found.