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with large proportion before the chain, the chain signature effect is quite big, many webmaster friends love to go crazy dingtie forum. Since the beginning of last year, the signature has become very small, believe that many webmaster have felt. Love Shanghai in this notice that mass increase is cheating, then what is the mass specific definition of the problem we don’t know?. Love Shanghai official also pointed out that the BBS signature chain belongs to the garbage chain, and the chain for garbage only do the chain is invalid, and will not have a negative impact on the website.

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April 25th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform Lee released a bulletin "on the chain" which clearly pointed out the judgment, love Shanghai for the chain of garbage and cheating the chain of auditing standards and measures. Every update of the search engine will affect the innumerable webmaster friends heart, after all, as a webmaster we mainly rely on search engines and life, and love Chinese Shanghai as the largest search engine, the other is the webmaster friends every act and every move attracts much attention. In this announcement, many webmaster friends have been very clear, but the most controversial one is BBS signature chain, love Shanghai said in the announcement BBS signature chain is regarded as garbage outside the chain. This is undoubtedly another many webmaster friends are very headache, especially in the chain has become more and more difficult situations. So in the end we should do BBS signature, today is to love the stars and we explore this topic.

for this problem, many of my friends are very concerned about. If you don’t need to do so, then no doubt our chain road becomes very narrow. You do not know the webmaster friends to pay attention to the problem, that is the signature of each forum has been deleted, and the number of webmaster forum posts which is relatively stable, not a large area of reducing things. On the other hand, the weight of webmaster forum a page is a fixed value, then what is the number of the signature of the chain this page there? Presumably weight so much the chain to carve up the page value, positive results are not ideal.

forum signature chain is always a way to do outside the chain webmaster friends favorite, because the forum outside the chain faster, while convenient. General webmaster often brush Chain Forum Forum A5 forum, the laggards, Shanghai dragon WHY, a push and other types of network marketing forum, the forum weight high, included fast, popularity, so deep love the webmaster. But the love of Shanghai published in April 25th the official announcement has been made clear that the forum signature links the chain to junk the chain, the weight is not included in the site outside the chain. So it is necessary for us to do BBS signature

three, why people are still doing the signature of the chain