What do Shanghai dragon is the advertising or demand

traffic come from? Open love Shanghai, one looked eyeful is advertising. Here is a very simple example. Excavator or piling machine what we all know, belongs to the popular industry index is not high. So I want to ask you, there are 100 IP search for these two words, then how many of them are the people who want to buy? Perhaps a lot of people have not thought, here can tell you, there is the impulse to buy at most a person, then the most plus one are entangled in there is no need to buy this idea the people, then the other 98 is why search for these two words? Demand is various, but eventually, I think it must be ran excavator or what is piling machine, what is the function of high efficiency is not high and the.

had a director and I said so, Shanghai dragon is not outside the chain? Indeed, compared to web site operators, Shanghai dragon for the search engine rankings on the work requirements is far greater than the web traffic demands. But we know that the ranking algorithm decides to love Shanghai website ranking, the flow is big. You can rely on the chain increase included, can rely on a chain transfer weight, but to come out on top, no traffic is absolutely not.

if we as a Shanghai dragon, the main push is the company’s brand, the company plant area of how much, how beautiful the surrounding environment to the production machine how cheap, how their performance of the machine out of the ordinary, how, who will read? Even a blind cat with dead mouse occasionally, there are two is certainly a fish escaped through the Seine, see page 5 seconds away fish. In essence, we can clearly find that we do in fact Shanghai dragon is for the 2 person to do, rather than the 98 people.

love Shanghai in the aspects of attitude is very clear, that is if you go back, because of love for Shanghai is 100 people instead of 2 individual search engines, perhaps to you that 98 people are not essential, but the fact is the case when you give up the 98 individual user needs, the two a real customer will leave you. This time someone may ask, 98 individual needs to know and love Shanghai love Shanghai Wikipedia to solve it, we want to Guannameduo doing? Then I can answer you here, since you can’t give the audience like Shanghai encyclopedia and love Shanghai know as the user experience, what makes you stand in the same height, the same position,


when it comes to the end, the answer is clear, finally, for example, is the words I have some interest in the conference call, even this thing is what I do, what is not clear, to search for the next love Shanghai after a surprise discovery, just a website later, I found that the navigation of the very small, in the most prominent position focuses on the development history of the conference call, the product can play what role in what occasions, what are the use of technology, though I still have a smattering of knowledge as a layman, but there is no doubt that I >