How to do the new Shanghai dragon and the matters needing attention


in the early new try to original, the article content must meet your tone, nature do not stray from your my site. The piece of content requirements clear, informative, let people see will feel this is serious in summing up experience, not scribble! Article content method can combine the current hot spots, with some hot news, hot events. Very clever words added to the article in your site. Try to avoid keyword stuffing.

search engine optimization keywords optimization by Su, on the site, the optimization of the title, description of the optimization to complete the optimization of the site, make your site more conducive to ranking, more friendly to search engine sue.


is the expansion of the title, the title is what you mean, in accordance with the title of.

keyword selection can be combined with your site content, you are what type do website, you are good at what words such as editing, you do is Shanghai dragon, so your site keywords can be network marketing, network promotion, website optimization, Beijing Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon experience these, you have to choose from these keywords you want to write the article, for example, you should write about network marketing article, so your article will be the emergence of a large number of the four words network marketing keywords, which is why the website to set the key words, more convenient to write when you hold the key.

I have a new website, now Shanghai dragon is still groping, hope to have the experience of predecessors, tell me how to do the new Shanghai dragon, a shortcut? Chain to a day how much hair is good? The beginning of the new station chain will not be punished by a search engine? This is in Shanghai love to know the original question, the author questions at the end of broken branches.

I to answer the questions put to him:

7. Links




chain is a very important part of the new Shanghai dragon, the article and the article directly connected through the key link to meet this situation, keyword categories, avoid linking different categories of visitors, causing resentment, causing the site to drop the user experience, the search engine is not friendly

the original novel, the title of the article more than 9 words less than 22 words. The title can be added in parentheses, try not to take other punctuation marks. The topic electsto attractive.

new Shanghai dragon requirements:

Shanghai dragon is the definition of




Links in early new may be difficult to do, many of the sites is higher than your website weight PR, so they are not willing to exchange and new Links weights, so will reduce their website. So the new sites do.


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