will do 400 product keywords love Shanghai home achieve sales over a million

4 of your service, what are the characteristics of

1, your e-commerce website provides


e-commerce website optimization I will be divided into two blocks, optimize front-end optimization and website information architecture. If you can optimize the details of what I say here have noticed it, then you will be away from the 400 product keywords do love Shanghai home achieve sales over a million is not a dream.


today, e-commerce sites spread, but to do is not a few, a lot of friends make the website a hodgepodge, what things are, it is including the ancient and modern, everything. This practice is not only a waste of your energy, more waste precious time. The website do great, very full, but the survival is very difficult. On the contrary, some small platform industry segments but live very moist. I don’t talk about today why small platform will live in moist. We say that a small platform how to live better.



front-end optimization page optimization and code optimization

6, your website


cannot do without the website promotion website optimization, the so-called "KMT government". The only solution to the "internal" problems, the promotion of your success.

?How about

3, why choose this your ecommerce website? What is your advantage?

e-commerce station is not equivalent to other sites, the only thing to do is to stand in the user’s point of view to think what customers want. All you have to do something complex customer demand.

2, your e-commerce site

I will be divided into ?

before I write down. We first consider a few problems.

do you think about these problems? What is your answer?

reputation?The local

let’s say how to "security", to talk "rangwai".

page contains: Meta Tags, Alt optimization, Tags navigation, home page, text, tags, keywords Links, 404 pages, URL redirection, rewriting, relative address and absolute address.


7, your website can attract what I immediately orders? Or will your site as I reserve

Alt Tags  the Alt attribute instead of no need to say to.

5, how do I find the website of your

Meta Tags  know the three elements of the website, title, Keywords tag, description tag. The degree of importance of these three labels for the web page is not much to say. The key is your product page keywords set, to push your product with your word list page. The product page to push the long tail word terminal.