Novice how to face love Shanghai snapshot stop

PS: just before the 20 snapshot is 19, I also do not know this thing, I have no effect on the snapshot, here to share.

click on our love Shanghai snapshot appears above the page in >

on January 5th.

at that time because sites are Huainan automotive network, too wide, one person does not come without a content source problem with, so I decided to change, replaced by the Huainan second-hand car network, the refinement of the website. After the revision was to change the program, the original file is deleted, then the elite baby has been included normal, and increasing every day can increase by about 100, because so many of the original revision "open, I do 404 pages. I looked at the baby all my noble collection before the car network page, after page revision a also not included. I was very worried, every morning the first thing is to use webmaster tools included a look at the www.0554che贵族宝贝 input, query, heart old, snapshot included 1, January 5th. From January 6th to 19. Every morning I will collapse once again by a snapshot against lost confidence. When I am in No. 20 again to see the exciting is a snapshot of January 20th, I collected 2, and I am so excited.


also adhere to the exchange chain, I exchange chain are included better, PR high site, a lot of people say good new is not easy to exchange links, in fact, depends on your attitude, you have to hold a learning attitude to others, also can be with the most you exchange, but also know a lot of webmaster, can communicate with the establishment of the experience of

I also adhere to the hair of the chain, often in A5, Shanghai, know, love space search and weight high website chain.

the newly established the first snapshot is


novice in the face of love Shanghai snapshot stop at a loss, and everywhere looking for solutions, but the use of the wrong method will only backfire, here I come to tell you about my true love to stop the operation experience of Shanghai.

so many days I have is how to operate it?

every day to update the article, article are my deep processing for the original article, there are some original, adhere to the update about 5 articles every day.



novice in the face of snapshot stops, must be calm, too impatient can only be counterproductive, to update the original, false original article, the high quality of the chain, exchange chain, perseverance, soon you will be back to normal snapshot.