Search engines love playing tricks after you have succeeded

is now the railway station, there are a lot of the site included, encountered such a situation in general is the site of their own problems. For a new site, when the first time over the spider crawling content, found that the domain name is new, the content is original, is also in line with the fly mirror site of the formal algorithm score requirements, also in the space of stable, usually immediately included your home page, and according to the quality of your home page to a certain degree of rank. There are also home pages included, for a long time are not included or included very low efficiency. In fact, this is not necessarily love Shanghai not included your site information, but sometimes love Shanghai to adopt a different strategy for many sites to test you, specifically to the collection of information is not timely release to test whether you are a can in the thorns on the road go straight before. If you love the Shanghai assessment you can be in love with Shanghai recognized, in the assessment period if you give up, then love can only tell you that ByeBye Shanghai. The search engine is a not a grown child, every day playing new tricks, always love to torture the new Adsense network optimization new crown.

with love Shanghai assessment efforts for new sites more and more big, so we must follow the love Shanghai algorithm to optimize, otherwise it is difficult to get rid of the new assessment period. Therefore, before doing a website we will first think we should how to build the content, how to make love Shanghai search engine trust my site. This for a Shanghai dragon optimization webmaster is very important. But few people to understand, there are people to understand, this is why some people can put the crown website to do very well, and some people do are doing well. This is the webmaster of the search engine algorithm through a thorough understanding of the problem, said everyone Shanghai Longfeng optimization of thinking is not the same as simple, so will lead to the success and failure of the site optimization.

search engines love test whether a webmaster have patience and confidence". Why? Is the new station, often over a period of time to check your collection, when page displays the date is the day published when it was included, but in the N days after the release, this shows that the search engine to hide. How can let love Shanghai to release your article? This article depends largely on your demand for information is not new, such as the daily news, every day is a new dynamic information so the contents of such articles must deeply love Shanghai love, this article will immediately be basically an update included. Instead, your content will be affected by different degree of audit whether to release your article.

love Shanghai trust to the railway station is very low, so the site content to you is a sceptic of assessment. Especially when the first few times come crawling spider love Shanghai, was content to crawl back audit largely determines the usefulness of your site. Once your site first love Shanghai left feeling "