Site traffic is true or false to have good judgment method

method: through traffic analysis tools about analysis. 贵族宝贝tool.admin5贵族宝贝/alexa can use this web site to query the target site about data and Alexa ranking. Although there is a deviation, but still can be used as a good reference. We want to query the input site, in the above figure:


method three: view the site traffic statistics. Generally you want to buy a website advertising, like website owners for its website traffic statistics. To get traffic statistics.

True and false

method two: by viewing the site view. If a web site visits can reach one hundred thousand level, but love Shanghai only included the site a few pages of dozens of pages or even not included, it is difficult to achieve. If a small number of pages that the site was included in a very popular and relevant keywords ranking. Enter in the search box: love Shanghai site:www.*****贵族宝贝 to query a web site included love Shanghai.

to analyze the network flow, the first to explain clearly what is false flow. Personally think that is their false traffic by changing the IP and click to flow between each other or is the webmaster clicks and brush up the flow. For example: a website, it can reach hundreds of thousands of IP day visit, the owner of this web site is now selling advertising to you, and give you a monthly price of only 500 yuan, you must have felt very excited, think oneself greatly earned. Of course, if the website IP is real, that you are indeed greatly earned, but if the site traffic is to brush, that these flows are of no use. Some may notice will be very strange to ask: Although IP is false, but somehow also flow ah, really do not have a little effect? It’s hundreds of thousands of IP. Oh, the answer to this question, give a simple example: you’ll understand. If the IP click on your website you all the time, estimated that one day can also have thousands of IP, however, these IP are you one click to bring, so how to have effect? Moreover, now sell false flow businesses so much, so learn to judge a website the flow of true and false, is very important. This paper introduces 3 methods to determine the site visits and.

we do network promotion especially for advertising marketing, most worried about the possibility of false false traffic flow, not only can not bring us any customers, we will continue the waste of advertising, and will bring pressure to the server or virtual host. So, learn how to determine the method of false traffic, we learn the special network promotion is an essential part of bidding in marketing.


The results are as follows: