Talk about standard chain misunderstood

station link release system.


so how to make the search engine effective outside the chain of

actually, we will think before the chain rule is too complex, search engine for the requirements of the chain evaluation is very simple – to meet the user experience, or you make the chain is not recommended users need to recommend content. If it is, then, whether your text links or non key links will be recorded in the website link. Otherwise, I’m sorry, the link is to meet the user requirements, recommend you will be penalized, the chain is likely to be assessed as search engine spam links. This is why many websites clearly outside the chain, but the ranking, flow is low reason, is also a major search engine has always stressed that why don’t make spam links.

chain, Shanghai Longfeng optimization more important part, although last year Scindapsus algorithm search engine algorithm to develop for the influence of the chain of Shanghai dragon Er once questioned the importance of the chain. However, I think that no matter what Dennis when good outside chain can always bring a surprise to the site.

has been made and the content of weights for the industry, we focus on the effectiveness of the chain website platform of the relationship, keyword hyperlinks on. In fact, one can really bring us effectively links only quality content, or content can meet the needs of users.

high weight website is able to link to the voting site points, but we imagine, once the user through the chain recommend open web pages, and the contents can not completely solve the problem of users, presumably they would quickly leave ". Then, used to considering the website quality data: page retention time, bounce rate, PV…… As can be imagined is a kind of data display, but can not improve website ranking.

as above, the chain I made to meet the needs of users, or is based on the needs of users on the link, even in the short term is not recorded by the search engine it may also become an effective link. The chain can not meet the needs of users, even if the moment can be included in the search engine, will be eliminated and data update. Make the chain we want to content, to create a high quality page, to lay the foundation for retain users. The content of the update to meet the requirements of the industry, but also to meet user requirements. You can now determine user needs related recommendation box or tail down from the search engine, and then to the station in information fusion.

before we have analyzed how to do the chain, the chain can even become what kind of effective link. At that time we will highlight a focus on high quality links, and making links platform are also concentrated in the high weight website platform. However, after half a year of observation data showed that high quality links are not able to bring to the site, and we can "return" misunderstood the search engine for the judgment standard of the chain.