The fake love Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Road

user experience in this particular era, the use of traditional optimization techniques or the use of various small cheating means to promote the popular industry website ranking, just like heaven. Corresponding to any hot industry or high-risk groups of customers base keywords is very large. If you as a search engine algorithm using the conventional algorithm planners, still so the garbage will continue to fill the page, a non conventional algorithm which is an urgent demand. What is unconventional? Is the love of Shanghai has emphasized the user experience, allowing users to choose suitable for their needs of the site, let the user decide rankings, rather than a Shanghai dragon er or make a team by means of optimizing the Shanghai dragon website ranking. So the optimization of these industries is not the traditional idea of anchor chain, the weight value of a website optimization process, but for optimizing a website user experience data value ".

love love Shanghai Shanghai anti cheat database February 2013 risk warning: Keywords franchise, plugging, moving, network part-time, invoicing, adult, cosmetic beauty.

March 2013 love Shanghai Keywords: medical institutions, risk warning tickets, prepaid recharge, loans, drugs, appliance repair, lottery card, credit card agency, gambling.


love Shanghai eight pages are fake high-risk areas of the Internet: financial, pharmaceutical, top class, online shopping, booking, customer service, logistics delivery, maintenance of the winning class.

love Shanghai anti cheat database: 贵族宝贝gongyi.baidu贵族宝贝/yangguangxingdong/fangpianku.html

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is also a topic of 3.15 a year from all walks of life are most concerned about is fake". Love Shanghai also released on its home page titled "love Shanghai public network fake sword" page, thereby demonstrating its combat strength and determination of network false bad information to users. At the same time, Shanghai also announced the "fangpian love database" and "anti fraud knowledge" to alert the user to display a gray area on the network for users. I have been concerned about the risk warning keywords released two love Shanghai, I do not know you whether Er Shanghai dragon received a list of high-risk optimization word? I also according to their own contacts in the industry to optimize the small sum, talk about some personal opinions.

two, hot industry risk how to optimize the

this optimization "innovation optimization user experience data value" is the new era of optimization. Some of the more common love Shanghai collection website user experience data source: Shanghai and Shanghai share love love love, love the number of keywords and click Show in Shanghai Webmaster Platform (why is the total number, rather than a single keyword, you can think for themselves), industry authority website recommendation (and is not a simple site outside the chain). The new media website link popularity (for example.