To share the enterprise stand optimization experience

Optimization of Pseudo Original: ?

said enterprises believe we are not unfamiliar, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners engaged in the enterprise stand optimization, but would like to meet a small series and the same problem, that is to write the contents of a single enterprise can stand, the optimization is more strenuous. So how to improve it? The following by Shanghai dragon rookie to share enterprise stand optimization experience.

enterprise station if the original is estimated to hold on for a few days, even insist on the quality is very poor. This article also or pupils writing, rather than directly to the high quality of the article reprint.

3. piece article:


The importance of

we know that an enterprise stand is of vital importance to the related contents, enterprise station is equivalent to the company’s network name card. Customer experience is very important, so how to construct the related content, many people think that the enterprise station related content is too simple, the content is not good collection, but it does not, don’t need the original information, as long as the quality is good, can help users are so in love also will be included in Shanghai.


pseudo original is feasible, this problem has been controversial for several years. At present, Shanghai dragon industry generally performed pseudo original, in fact, how do you see the pseudo pseudo original, if pure roughly modify the title and content, this pseudo original articles not included not only will be punished love Shanghai. So how to write pseudo original? The title of the article and disrupted, meaning the same content, but this problem again. Some people will say that this can do the pseudo original low efficiency, even more than write original articles also had a long time. So how to increase the efficiency of

control right is the key, each link control, master search engine trends, start from the details. In order to quickly and correctly, make the enterprise stand benign development, here we explain in detail.

collected more than three articles related to the types of articles, the title from the new name, the beginning and the end of writing his own opinions, need to optimize embedded keywords, then a copy of each article mainly put together a new article. Note that the article should have consistency with >

How to optimize


enterprise station is mainly divided into two categories, one is to update the nature of the enterprise customer experience related content. The benefits of customer experience is excellent, can get good rankings. Disadvantages: write a single, not sustained, resulting in inadequate implementation, greatly affect the optimization efficiency. Two is the construction of a forum, to guide the user in the relevant section post, forum navigation settings to page anchor text connection, so that each post is a vote to the benefits of doing so is the content of a wide range of sources, disadvantages of optimization effect is very good, the quality control is not good, and the anchor text always point to the home page, the number of too much will be mistaken for cheating in the sea.

related content, construction: