Analysis of 3 website backlinks reduced

search engine adjustment analysis

reverse link: reverse link widely is defined as long as with you specify the URL, it can be regarded as a reverse link. Query: Domain:+ your web site, your site can be the internal URL, and other sites with url.

The page weight

‘s search engine has been adjusted, the search engine algorithm is not the same. Every time the changes are caused by changes in the number of sites included and reverse link, under normal circumstances, rising also decreased. For example: search engine.Cn website, the website domain name expired, included all of the information deleted, also leads to a reduction of website backlinks. The adjustment of the search engine, is generally handled is all website, your website backlinks reduction is also normal, because other sites also reduced.

reverse link, affecting the reverse link. If the page weight is high, "the weight is high, then the reverse link will not disappear. For example, Shanghai love Wikipedia, add you to the promotion of the site in the entry, for a long time or longer time. Many will remain, because the internal web site in the search engine. If your backlinks appear in a penalized site, then your site may be right down, the reverse link may also disappear. These are all factors that reduce the reverse link, we can not control other people’s website, but we can start from the search engine products, whether the product search engine, the weight is very high.


web page analysis

if you are a careful Shanghai dragon Er, the reverse link link address is recorded, when every month, statistical analysis.

analysis of

We first introduce

search engine may be so that the site as a web site keywords, then the URL of the index, the related websites with the URL into a database. The appearance of the web site are classified according to the time, such as snapshot, keyword level order, if the search engine adjustment, as long as the one, then the other reverse link may disappear.

search engine is the title of the page, if your page title similarity is very high, or keyword density is too large, then the search engine will punish your site, thereby reducing the site of reverse link. This hesitation caused by their own website, Shanghai dragon Er is can be avoided. When the website operation, website server stability, open speed is a factor of influence ranking, if the website suddenly open, or is unstable, you will also reduce the reverse link. As the Shanghai dragon Er to master the basic knowledge of website optimization, for example to know several key factors of website optimization, website ranking, included the number and so on, only to grasp the basic knowledge, you can well solve the problem. Shanghai dragon.