Analysis of the details and the core point within the site chain optimization

the first to optimize the chain analysis in details. The internal chain optimization, we must focus on the user’s choice, because the nature we do within the chain optimization is to improve the website user experience, allowing users to find the corresponding content in a very short time, so the internal chain optimization, we should pay attention to the details. The importance of this can be combined with the contents of the website is arranged, if the enterprise website, the best way is through manual sorting method, make the important contents of priority display, allowing the user to choose very fast.

Jingdong website by the user in conjunction with the left side of the page’s purchase behavior to put forward the corresponding tips, and the tips are often related keywords and these products. For our website, you can carry out further extension, for example, when a user reading the related content, you can provide a list of the users in the browse which links on the left side. Through this design, on the one hand can make the user’s browsing behavior.

so how to optimize the internal chain optimization, how to play in the chain optimization effect, has become the current industry attaches great importance to the issue, the author believes that the key sites within the chain is to optimize the details and grasp the core point of them, as long as the optimized based on the two layer, can play a multiplier the role of.

for another detail is to control the number of the chain, because the number of links within the site will be increased as the content of a geometric growth, so if it can’t be controlled, will lead to the website chain number too much, resulting in the formation of a variety of dead circulation, so for the love of spiders in Shanghai, you will feel in the chain the design of the site is very rough, but also not scientific, and even considered spam sites. So for the number of links within the site must be provided in the control chain corresponding only to exist relevant content, convenient for users to read.

for the website optimization, the optimization of the chain and the chain is a very important content, especially in the chain, in recent years has been widely touted field of thermal optimization, the fundamental reason lies in the love of Shanghai algorithm in continuous innovation, for the weight of the chain put forward many requirements, which makes the chain many webmaster to construct high quality, it will only be able to focus more on the site within the chain, and for the love of Shanghai, also for the chain is also given great attention, and in the optimization of the chain is in the hands of the hands of their owners, so the optimization of the chain began to become one of the most important optimization focus.

For example,

went on to analyze the core sites within the chain. The core point is actually to pay attention to and keywords to cooperate, because we in the optimization of the site, the main is to your web site keywords ranking to improve. The inner chain optimization, is to let the love of spiders in Shanghai can quickly locate the keywords, and can accordingly be all content traversal sites, so that love Shanghai crawl and web site keywords related content. This means that in our web site chain optimization, must be based on the keywords as the core to optimize.