Do the correlation to make the website more competitive

four and external links

, believes that many webmaster friends all know, do website correlation, not only can make your site look more professional, reduce the rate of jump out the site, and is of great help to improve the site weight, what should we do to the relevance of the website from which



three and the station link

target refers to the keywords on the web page, many of my friends heard that the home page is site of the highest page weight, so want to do put a lot of words in the home, but did not consider the relevance of keywords from the user’s needs. Figure:

from the security industry, security doors, X light baggage screening machine, flat tester, fried to poison underground metal detectors are security equipment, but the search needs to see their needs from the user is different, the search of security door users do not necessarily need X light baggage screening machine, fried to check instrument. Like this title belongs to the poor correlation between the title, if it is "across the line" the relationship between more poor, ranking optimization time is relatively long, the ranking is also very difficult to stabilize. Many companies will be more or less there are several types of user needs different products, the optimization of my recommendations are different respectively to optimize the website.

About the website relevance in front of

some friends very strange when his site outside the chain of more than others, but no other good rankings. General or the other website;

content and the theme of the two,

on the site early we should position the theme of the site, and then around the theme to the website related content layout, the same, the article content pages around the title extension, rather than cry up wine and sell vinegar. Remember before the A5 cast a Shanghai dragon article, later found there was some mechanical enterprise station also collected in this article. A look into a station, Shanghai Phoenix, what marketing articles are, let me feel melancholy… A lot of friends that included more! The better, this is a wrong view, if the poor correlation between content and theme, not only on the ranking does not help but let spiders don’t know what is your website. So, the content of strategy must focus on originality and relevance.

The correlation between The correlation between The correlation between

, a target keyword correlationKeywords


on site link structure, I believe many of my friends know the different contents of the column is generally not interconnection. When you insert the link anchor text in the article, we must also pay attention to the correlation with the anchor text pointing to the page. In addition, the content of the page will generally have the relevant articles, reading programs, such as recommended to the articles with the current page content. For example, a story about the Shanghai dragon article page, which appears only in the recommended reading related articles in Shanghai dragon.