Confessions of a bitter Shanghai dragon Er now Shanghai dragon is too difficult

for web content segmentation, because the computer is the computer search website, there are several very much: the price of the computer, computer parameters (configuration), computer models, computer customer service (warranty period) and computer maintenance. I put these features of computer are extracted for each computer model into a single page, which contains all the information that I can think of, to search several items of interest to the user are written in, try to make the user can find all the information you want to know in my page. Of course, the most important is my contact, at that time very rough in the middle and end with the very red letters in bold. Although it is very tiring, but I insist that the effect is very good after a period of time, the most intuitive is my site traffic up, and many of them are through the content page to the web site keywords ranking also gradually rose to the position of the first page.

was 10 years, from Beijing to Zhengzhou to sell computer. It just started selling products on the Internet, the boss has no experience, think this is a trend that gave us a needle chicken, a young US adrenal hormone excess on the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng this road.

was not only to their own optimization of the website also often sell computer, to the customer to send computer repair computer, the website will send some of the routine, set a few keywords, even without a Links. But when the optimization effect is surprisingly good, only a month time, several target keywords two websites to love Shanghai home page. I began to busy, but also neglect up website optimization. The boss saw his unique vision confirmed, then a large number of recruit employees, do website optimization operations. By 11 in the second half of the year, because the rise of their own negligence and competitors, my website gradually fall down, until one day in Shanghai did not love home to my site, I began to study carefully, carefully and seriously to learn, how to make the site row to the first page of the technology.

my job is still the network marketing, but before the website is different customers > this website

04 years, P2P industry fire up. One of my classmates returned to the office of a P2P platform CEO, in contact with me several times, he asked me to go to business in the Internet financial industry, I have also stock futures speculation, the financial industry is also very interested in agreed to.

I do Through the When the

on the website of the "public relations", let me realize the importance of Shanghai dragon technology. But Shanghai Dragon technology is constantly changing and updating, the past method through May after one or two big update, it becomes a point with No. An obvious example is used in the A5 left on the personal signature links, links to stay outside the chain in the zblog and wordpress blog site, and later become worthless. Riding in Shanghai, especially in the study of dragon and phoenix.