Four methods to obtain a stable flow of personal independence blog

" I think everyone should have heard, I first heard of the space of each step, because a few years ago QQ space is traffic, have a lot of space each step, it seems a little.

now has more and more independent blog, and independent bloggers and to grassroots webmaster, there are some simple independent bloggers to record live and work, but no matter what is the content of the independent blog I want each to establish their own independent blog people want their blog to be seen, otherwise I’d like to write a diary, in his book. If want to let other people know that their own blog, it would involve a traffic problem (of course don’t want people to see the blog is not impossible), today Xiao Jun combine their own practice experience and usual observation, summarizes several stable flow increase personal independence blog way.

blogs on each otherThe word "


get traffic through the Shanghai DragonIndependent blog

for some content to work life, can get traffic through the search engine the chance is not much, but for the technology, experience the blog is relatively easy, can according to some common problems or long tail keywords to write some articles, which included get good rankings after once it is very easy to be there is the problem of the search to friends. For example, my blog in Shanghai dragon, I will write some I met in Shanghai Longfeng practice or experience, and have the similar problems when friends easily through the search engine to visit my blog. I also intercepted a recent week my blog by sea to the flow of love.

1, blog promotion

this method is now the most bloggers love is the most commonly used promotion methods, this also is one of the ways to attract flow initiative, but the more important reason is that this method is well-known blogger Lu Songsong carry forward, so this method is widely used to everyone, everyone hope that their blogs can be access and this is a key to the blog comments, interactive. And take the initiative to comment on other people’s blog can let other bloggers know your visit, and can usually get each other courtesy visit each other, if the content is of interest will increase a fixed visitors. Not only that, you also increase your website exposure in another blog, also increase the chance of people visiting your website in the course of time, you will often come to visit your blog. But the website promotion to alert "comments type promotion means" trap.



screenshot time is nine a.m. or so, when the search keyword from falling in love with Haitong to flow is twenty times. Because of the long tail word Shanghai dragon aspect lot, and a lot of friends do Shanghai Longfeng these common problems are likely to encounter, so search engine traffic is also a good way through Shanghai dragon blog.