Does the Mytime model of free time services trigger a new round of O2O start-upsHow do you know if y

a, a preferential price to buy the specified service consumption time, 24 hours before the consumer can cancel, consumption can not satisfied with the refund;

idea may be derived from its own whim, from job competition analysis, user complaints, may also come from the needs of the boss and so on. It can also be found by looking at the small details of your life for long periods of time. Entrepreneurship idea is like an inspiration, mostly inadvertently, suddenly appear, so when you need a big opening of the brain, there will be brain storm and the like.

A is a free time marketing platform, especially for all day real-time marketing services;

compares the advantages of group buying patterns

want to get a development prospect, a good entrepreneurial project, the most need is certainly not "money", nor is it necessarily "passion", it is difficult to say whether "persist", the most important thing is "knowledge"". It is the knowledge accumulated in the work or life of an entrepreneur.

Mytime mode features


you saw a guy in the street night market driving a broken Xiali car and selling sandals, leather bags and T-shirts on the corner. Can you believe that’s how WAL-MART started?

3, for businesses:

"If you fail in your business, there’s only one reason," says

startup idea come from?

what’s the startup idea?

1, services more standardized, suitable for the service industry including KTV, foot massage, tickets scenic spots, bathing, skiing, Wen Quan, Manicure, health, beauty salons such as photography photo actually KTV and tourist attractions and other service businesses themselves already by setting different time to price, but the consumption stream the highest frequency of catering services generally not suitable for eating, because time is a physiological law, it is difficult to regulate the consumption time;


said here is already did not understand their own business failure framework of idea is feasible, today written content is not related to business operations of users, but to just venture or about entrepreneurial groups reserved enough space of thought, all entrepreneurial knowledge and idea verification method let us work together to explore what you want to know here.

mind suddenly burst into an inspiration, irresistible night and day time and pay more and more experience the moment lose self-control, in accordance with the development of the story, there should be a person to say to you: you should start. This should be my subjective understanding: start idea,

2 start with small things,

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a few days ago I wrote an article "the integration of idle resources O2O case" article, which initially referred to the Mytime model, recently found that some friends are interested in, a lot of people to discuss the related problems and I decided to research our goods transit network in this team to share out.

what is Mytime?

Abstract: if you fail in your business, there’s only one reason why you failed to solve the problem of the first level for a large number of users."

you call the lunch box at noon and see the guy who delivers the meal sweating profusely. Can you believe that one day he will start a business and start a fast-food chain than McDonald’s? You

doesn’t have the knowledge that you’ve been through, and it’s hard to create ideas that are really entrepreneurial."". Entrepreneurial projects, it is best from their own learning, contacts, familiar with the things to come, and naturally produce their own love.

B, basic reservation service is free, 40% of value-added service charge transaction;


, D, businesses can adjust their marketing strategies and service prices according to their service capabilities and the idle situation in the store, so as to maximize the business profits, similar to the airline ticket sales model.

C, collect commission to the new user that bring, old user does not draw Commission;

. "You don’t have enough user groups to solve the first level problem they need to solve."".

start from small things, start small, not with no ambition at all. The world’s great event, not necessarily from some inexplicable little start.

goods have a shelf life, but the service has "timeliness"". A piece of clothing can’t be sold today, but it can be sold again tomorrow, but it’s really a day without anybody coming in like a manicure / pedicure. Mytime, just on the line, is a booking and booking platform for local businesses. For businesses, its significance is that the service has a new sub – period sales methods, according to different peaks and peaks dynamic adjustment of prices, a bit like a service industry "special" at some time". Or it is to buy the reverse direction, do sub period fragmentation sales. For example, if you recently wanted to take a foot massage, you could pick up a series of service providers for the period of time, depending on your expected appointment time. You can pay directly after you pick one and pick a specific time.

2, for the user: the core is free time + + accurate booking

1 start with what you know,


, B, purchase at the same time reservations, more suitable for current consumption;

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1, booking difficult is always buy mode wide