Choosing the right keywords to optimize ranking multiplier


first keywords don’t too professional. The user education level of the Internet is uneven, too professional targeted keywords itself, unless your website is in high degree and high technical level of the user’s computer, or general website recommended not to select too professional words, after all this is not conducive to good by ordinary users, many users are their own habits to the network, the search will be in the most common words search, such as searching for clothes, many users do not search for the price of clothes, but how much the clothes of a search. So, there is no special targeted web site, and ordinary civilians, try to simplify the choice of keywords suggestion.


also is the key to a certain real flow. Many words might be people out of the brush, so the key even if the flow is high, it is also not function of optimization. After all this traffic is not real flow, are generated by software. No user search words do first is just put a look. Keywords in view of their choice whether there is a real flow, through the love of Shanghai index to analyze, for example:

for the website keyword selection, most of the webmaster is not love the Shanghai index and webmaster of query tools. Some talk of people is through the search engine drop-down box and relevant search keywords to select. Choosing the right keywords to the site, not only makes it easier to optimize up, but also can spend little time high ranking. The choice of words is the first step of Web site optimization, and many times the first step is the relationship between the optimization direction and stick to. So, for the choice of keywords, should try to choose suitable for their own use, have the ability of optimization, the rate of return is not low.

from the user’s point of view. The user is the basis of the development site, the user is equal to the site to fall off. And for the user search habits, through the love of Shanghai index can understand the general search keywords user main gender is what kind of, education, age distribution, area etc.. Then combined with local habits can generally choose the more conducive to users search keywords. But from the user’s perspective to choose keywords, the nature is quite easy and optimization, and web site keywords choice should be around the theme, rather than to choose keywords and then determine the theme of the website, we only choose the keywords and site theme matching, correlation degree is high, will be beneficial to Shanghai Dragon, or search engine think your keywords and theme correlation is not enough, so don’t get good weight. But also let the user feel there is a flicker of psychological.

from above, we can see that "winter is the fastest way to lose weight" the word is out of the brush, before October Shanghai love index was 0 in October after a sudden spike, you >