Guo Zhuang Gavin at the Sina micro-blog micro interview of Shanghai dragon that something

stone black world question: teacher Hello, the new station submitted every day in addition to update the site information, for the construction of the external links, speed up the collection? Some people say that the Internet do love Shanghai snapshot, say included only catch home, still waiting for Shanghai to collect the book about love.

Guo Zhuang Gavin: have some help, see how to understand, little significance to Shanghai dragon, unless you do this keyword to, I think more and more help seekers deepen everyone on the web site of memory.

Lei Sen Lang question: title in the URL to help Shanghai dragon

the Dragon fir 86 questions: site 404 error due to the large number of preliminary design defects, how to keep the flow loss of

Gavin: Guo Zhuang web early or do some external links, try to choose a high correlation, and some high weight site.

the following is to answer the question by Liu Yufan collected Sina micro-blog micro interview of Guo Zhuang Gavin:

Yu extraordinary love Shanghai to change the algorithm, the algorithm adjusts this month love Shanghai obviously, many websites which are K, now love Shanghai weight of the inside pages is not improved? There is the keyword density, it is important? Love for the sea algorithm change, we Shanghai dragon should pay attention to what time?

Gavin: Guo Zhuang unified 404 pages, or through the robots.txt to control, mainly to prevent the search engine grab too much junk page.

Gavin: Shanghai Guo Zhuang love adjustment is mainly for spam cleanup, do not suggest that you go to do some spam or not after integration or optimizing the content of the site, for the keyword density deployment, is still more important, however, to the right place.

The only question: since ?

March 31, 2012 Sina micro-blog Shanghai dragon _Fans for your invitation to the Shanghai dragon industry leader Zac Netconcepts and chief consultant Zan Hui Guo Zhuang Gavin et al. And you talk about something that Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai Longfeng industry was the introduction of domestic often mistaken for cheating, but over time, the importance of Shanghai dragon industry has become increasingly prominent, while the major search engines have also released a search engine optimization guide to name the white hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon technology is more and more favored by the majority of Internet companies.

Yugu question: teacher Hello, I love Shanghai or Post Bar know to work in Shanghai love Wikipedia, love Shanghai will not hate or drop right?

Gavin: the weight of Shanghai Guo Zhuang love they will give their products under a certain value, the general new line will be the first page on the lower position, as these products.

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