New Year approaching Shanghai dragon Er which can seize the opportunity

The first He is not


website is actually a problem everyone must face, because changing your users and demand. Your site also need to change the way of treatment, if friends carefully observed, so the site should be revised will be relatively large every year, so that more suitable for the user experience. So why this year would be a good time to the website? According to Google official reports, Google each year on the adjustment of the algorithm at least 500 times. I believe love Shanghai is not much less than Google, but will not change the big love Shanghai algorithm at the end of the year of. According to the usual form, this year’s love of Shanghai is very stable basically. But after new year love Shanghai began a major update algorithm, so we choose this year on the revision of the website is basically not be right down punishment, so we can seize the opportunity.

why love Shanghai assessment period

because the search engine.

soon the new year, what is the performance of the search engine in the new year? That we are here to seize what kind of opportunity? Today I’ll give you an analysis:

second, beyond the competitors


at this time, the search engine will not be large-scale changes, reduce the possibility of the site is very low right. For the new assessment period may be shortened, the first to introduce what is love love Shanghai Shanghai period of assessment, assessment period is mainly aimed at the railway station, the new station will appear snapshot not update, included not increase and there is no ranking phenomenon in the beginning included. This is the love of Shanghai assessment period, Google sandbox period is different from the love of Shanghai assessment is Google sandbox period there will be ranked.

you know, near the new year when many Shanghai dragon Er are on holiday, a time optimal sites are relaxed. This is a good time for us to seize the opportunity beyond the competitors, when a competitor’s site to stop the update, our website is still in the update. When the chain competitors stop, our website is still increasing every day outside the chain in the stable. But competitors will stop to promote their own websites, we are still in the promotion of their own website. In fact, sometimes success is more than who persist for a long time, than who is a little more. Do you think we still insist on the Chinese New Year holiday website optimization. We are still doing when others rest. How can we do not belong to success. So we must use the competition gap time to site keywords, to rival a strong barrier. If we can make up the key words in the new year this time, and can be stable for a period of time, it must be for the next year to order and lay a good foundation. Success is so tired of love those who work hard.

third, a new station can through the assessment period