High quality links and high quality content an important pillar of Shanghai Longfeng strategy

for other sites, Alexa ranking is the judgment of a good standard of a specific website visibility. We should not only link to popular and trusted sites, and most of your backlinks should be related to the contents of the website.

: what is a high quality links to

many educational institutions of Shanghai dragon guess what useful links, what the link is not available. Some sites, such as Sina, the Tencent and other recognized brand website, it is very safe, and these sites give you a reverse link, it will be worth more than you used to any website or sources give you weight backlinks from.

to establish the high quality of the link is a big challenge, but you certainly should not take up to do the way to obtain these backlinks. If the SERER training quality backlinks is no need to consider the Shanghai Longfeng scheme extremely clear, on this point, you should have a clear strategy.

fortunately, the process of page optimization is completely in their own hands. You can put the contents of refinement you, continue to repair, and constantly updated content. A valid keyword can be quickly obtained and used, like the nobility baby Analytics analysis tool allows you to get high quality keyword.

Optimization of reverse link pages of

you can not take a little time to copy, complete copy of the content of others, this is very convenient, and you in the web page with the most appropriate and effective keywords. But this ranking is often not very good. Because the search engines love the original article.


there was a period of time, if your site has a large number of backlinks, it is possible to boast. As the domestic search engine boss love Shanghai, is still recognized by reverse link. But Google has become more and more complex, but one point to note is that the link quality is even more important than quantity.

should be very tricky, because it depends largely on the third links to your site. This is largely not decided by oneself.

for example, you have a website is mainly engaged in small jewelry business. You may make your friend’s personal blog link to your site, you may have a number of other political forums or other type of website for sponsorship, let them give you a certain amount of regular anti >

as the search engine spiders to evaluate and rank your website, search engine is also in the assessment of other people’s sites. Good quality links from websites is trust and welcome. The search engine algorithm is used to determine the overall quality of a website, of course, the search engine algorithm is strictly conservative.

how many times have you heard someone say "content is king" this sentence? On page optimization is to ensure that the contents of your site with the taste of the search engine, and get good rankings.